Digital Transition Q&A with Panel in St. Louis, MO

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Doug Cauthen, Editor-in-Chief

Digital Transition Discussion Recap – St. Louis, MO October 9, 2018


The day started with a new Learning Counsel market briefing, and throughout the day there were workshops on data analytics, presentations by educators and vendors, wrapping up with a panel discussion. The panel consisted of:

Rich Wilson, Director of Technology, Francis Howell School District

Nick Cusumano, Director of Instructional Technology, Fort Zumwalt School District

Joe Key, Technology Manager, Jennings School District

Dr. David Kafitz led the panel for the Learning Counsel and he asked questions of the panelists regarding the digital transition in their districts. He started the discussion by asking the panel “Constant change exists in education. What are you doing to help folks inside your organizations bear that and get used to that because it’s not going away?” Mr. Cusumano stated in his district “The focus was on the student and preparing the students for a world we did not grow up in.” He also stated, “We need to prepare students to be creative problem solvers.”

Other questions were asked of the panelists and they all gave the attendees insight into what they were doing by introducing the changes to their team so they understand what is being provided for them so they can build on it,  what was hot on their plate right now and what they would like to have accomplished in their districts two years from now.

Dr. Kafitz asked one final bonus question on behalf of LeiLani Cauthen, CEO of the Learning Counsel. “Will you share with us what you think about some of the things that you learned today about where the inevitable end-point really is? What do you think about the consumerization of learning and what do you think its going to mean for your district?” The panel shared what their districts were currently doing and what changes they foresee in their districts. 

Watch the highlights from the panel below and stay tuned for more event Recaps from the Learning Counsel’s tour of cities this Fall - coming soon.