Digital Transition with Station Rotation = 0% Truancy

From DC’s Inner City Schools Comes a Successful Intervention Program

Tracy Foster, Principal of Randle Highlands Elementary School in Washington DC Public Schools (DCPS) spoke at the Learning Counsel National Gathering in Albuquerque, NM. The audience of over 70 leading educators from across the U.S., heard her tell the story of how she transformed her school and created a model now being followed by others. Infrastructure was put in place, digital curriculum was brought in along with devices and all teachers strictly adhere to station rotation with the students. Today Randle Highlands has begun to move beyond intervention, while boasting a 0% truancy.

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When it comes to digital assets, I have found that almost universally schools do not know what they have. Inventory controls are minimal when it comes to digital curriculum.

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“Data is the new oil.” That quote, first attributed in 2006 to a UK data scientist named Clive Humby, was made popular in a 2017 report published in The Economist.

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