Disctopia Partners With Charlotte Lab Schools to Implement Podcast Education Solution

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Disctopia, a podcast hosting and streaming service for independent creators, today announces that it will partner with Charlotte Lab Schools to expand the frontiers of education by increasing accessibility to innovative educational tools and boosting engagement among learners.

Disctopia will provide Charlotte Lab Schools with mobile podcast studios that students, teachers, and administrators can access at any time from the school's library or media center.

These mobile studios include kits with full instructions on how to operate them and start recording podcasts. Students will also have full access to the platform to listen and upload their own projects.

This learning method can change how knowledge passes from teacher to students by allowing them to explore current topics innovatively, learn from positive examples of healthy conversations, and inspire students to start their own media projects.

According to a study, 38% of Americans listened to a podcast in the last month, with 50% of listeners being 12 to 34 years old. As young podcast listeners grow in numbers, Disctopia aims to encourage students to responsibly and critically interact with digital media, learn the basics of communication, and discover journalism as a career path through podcasting. 

The new approach also simplifies the communication process among learners, teachers, and parents as it incorporates feedback mechanisms for the parents, further informing them of what happens in the classrooms of their wards.

"Podcasting has an important role to play in the future of education,'' says Patrick Hill, founder and CEO of Disctopia. ''Through this partnership and many more, we hope to unlock the potential of many classrooms by opening a creative space for teachers and learners to share and discover new ideas. We believe this will help teachers push through the challenges of a modern classroom."

The platform chose Charlotte Lab Schools as a partner based on its progress in math and reading proficiency, student-to-teacher ratio, and other efforts to improve the learning process. The schools are some of the first in the region to have access to a Podcast Education System solution, with more schools implementing Disctopia's educational podcast technology in the upcoming months.


About Disctopia

Disctopia operates from Charlotte, North Carolina, as a streaming platform dedicated to delivering indie content from creatives to fans globally through the Disctopia App. The platform is on a mission to revolutionize the independent creators’ industry by allowing fans to fuel the culture. The company is reimagining content streaming by providing access to indie creative’s content. Ultimately, Disctopia aims to build a future where every creator is given a fair chance to succeed.


About Charlotte Lab Schools

Charlotte Lab School is a North Carolina tuition-free public charter school that opened in the Fall of 2015 in Uptown Charlotte. It currently serves 850 students in grades K-9 and will grow to ultimately serve approximately 1000 students in grades K-12. The school aims to reimagine education with The Lab Way, preparing students with STEAM skills to tackle the world of the future. The Lab successfully opens a space for teachers to help students with skills such as effective communication, self-awareness, adaptability, real-world problem solving, collaboration, resilience, metacognition, and multilingualism.

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