DisplayNote Enables Parity for All Students by Adding Webcam and Mic Integration to their Screen Sharing Tool Broadcast

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Educators can share voice and video alongside their content to students’ devices, making lessons more accessible and equitable for everyone

Technology company DisplayNote has released a new version of their one-to-many screen sharing tool, Broadcast.

Made for teachers and learners, Broadcast is a web tool that allows teachers to share their computer screens directly to their students’ devices in real-time, making content more accessible and engaging.

This month, Broadcast welcomes a new webcam and mic integration, allowing teachers to share their video and voice inputs alongside their content. The feature is designed to enable parity for all learners inside and outside the classroom, regardless of where they’re sitting or their level of vision or sound.

“We know not every seat in the classroom was made equal, and not every student is always present,” said Luke McSorley, Product Manager at DisplayNote. “With the new webcam and mic integrations, everyone has equal access to the teacher's content and instruction—which gives the teacher peace of mind that everyone is following along with what’s happening in class.”

Unlike traditional methods of sharing video, voice and digital content with a class, Broadcast doesn’t require sessions to be scheduled in advance, and students don’t have to download apps. They can join via the Broadcast web app from any device, reducing teachers' technical load during lessons.

Those who want to try the new Broadcast features for themselves can create a free account here.


About DisplayNote: Founded in 2012, DisplayNote creates connected experiences for the world’s presenters, educators and learners. Their software is trusted by thousands of Schools, Businesses and Organizations worldwide, simplifying how we present, share and collaborate. With offices in the UK and Spain, DisplayNote understands the importance of communicating without barriers, striving to make the most effective and user-friendly collaboration solutions. To learn more, please visit https://www.displaynote.com.

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