Dr. Melissa Saunders Speaks on Preparing Students for the 21st Century

Event News


Learning Counsel came to Richmond to hold a Digital Transition Discussion on February 13th, 2018. The event was attended by education professionals seeking to learn, grow and share for the benefit of learners, educators, schools and their communities. Attendees viewed presentations from leaders in education and took part in discussions aimed to further understanding and bring context to the technological shift in education.

During the event, Dr. Melissa Saunders, Executive Director of Student Achievement at Manassas City Public Schools, CT, gave a presentation on what her district is doing to prepare students for their futures in the 21st century.

In regards to data analytics Dr. Saunders noted, “One of the things we found to be really effective in moving us from students not-achieving to students really achieving was less about all the bells-and-whistles and more about getting teachers around the table to really dig into that data and understand how do I use that data to move students forward.”

If you would like to attend an event take a look at the schedule of Learning Counsel’s Digital Transition Discussions. To join the conversation online, visit KnowStory.com, create a profile and join the Learning Groups you are interested in! Enjoy the video of Dr. Melissa Saunders’ full presentation below.