Easy, free tool for collecting authentic student feedback and exit tickets

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Loop helps teachers quickly and easily collect digital exit tickets and feedback from their students in a safe environment. 

Setup is simple. Teachers can typically send students a question in under 30 seconds. Pick from a library of best practice questions covering comprehension, engagement, and wellbeing, or write your own. Students can respond instantly, using a variety of response types including text, multiple choice, scale or emojis, as selected by their teacher.

Loop helps gather more honest and authentic feedback by giving students the opportunity to provide feedback without their peers knowing what they’re saying. It also offers a less confrontational means for teachers to seek feedback about the learning environment, giving shy students more confidence to speak up.

Loop also connects with Google Classroom allowing teachers to sign in with Google, import classes, and instantly share questions to the classroom feed.


Formats/platforms used:

Loop is web and app-based (iOS and Android)


Primary website’s URL?



Problem solved:

Loop helps teachers better understand how students are going, by providing a safe and secure platform to collect feedback. 

In-class discussion can give prominence to the voices of more confident students. Using a digital platform gives quieter students a chance to speak and voice challenges. 

Teachers can modify learning based on responses, or gauge efficacy of pedagogical practice for professional development. 

By asking for feedback and acknowledging responses, students can also feel more connected to the class and school environment. This empowers students to have a greater voice in their learning experience. 


Grades/age ranges:

Years 4 – 12, tertiary and adult learning


Core of supplemental?

Supplemental. Many teachers use Loop data to support professional learning, as evidence of impact.


Lesson time needed:

Teachers typically use Loop as an in-class exit ticket tool, taking 5 minutes at the end of class, or ask questions for students to respond outside of the class, taking up no lesson time. 

It takes less than 30 seconds to ask a question, and responses are instantly charted for teacher insight.


Pricing model(s):

Loop is free for teachers and students.

For schools, districts and tertiary institutions, pricing depends on teacher numbers. Pricing information is available here https://loophq.io/institution-pricing


Additional services:

Teachers have the option of connecting Loop with Google Classroom. When set up, this enables Google account to log in for teachers and students, import classes from Google Classroom, and automatically post to the classroom feed.


What makes Loop unique?

Loop is designed to be teacher and student-friendly. The interface is streamlined for quick and easy questions and responses. Teachers can typically ask a question in under 30 seconds and start getting responses instantly. 

Teachers can also reply back to responses to dig deeper into any issues a student might have brought up.

Teachers can also send announcements, schedule questions/announcements ahead of time, and see student responses charted on a dashboard for easier review of responses.



The design is clean and simple without a complex interface or user pathways.

 It’s easy to ask a question in seconds:

Responses are easily charted with filter capabilities so you can take action with confidence:


For students, answer formats are straightforward and can be as simple as an emoji response. Students have commented that the app feels modern and similar to other apps they use. Optional anonymity features (toggled on or off by teachers, and then optional for students if teacher has selected ‘on’) mean that students who may have been hesitant to provide honest answers can feel more comfortable doing so.


Here’s what users are saying:

“The problem-solving ability of Loop means that teachers have direction from students with regard to decisions that have to be made about the day-to-day running of a classroom. This is a significant process that helps to develop cohesion, and a sense of harmony.

“Loop gave me incredible insight to whether this GEM Project (practicing Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness) was improving the wellbeing of my students. I knew in my heart that my students are genuinely happy, always smiling and always calm but I wanted evidence [for professional development also]. 

“I have also issued 100s of Loop questions also to students to gauge what they learned at the end of every lesson. These ‘exit tickets’ take less than a minute to set up and organize and the student’s individual answer is recorded immediately. My high response rates means that students feel safe using Loop and gives me incredible insight to build teacher and student relationships and then improve the learning outcomes of my students.”

--Andrew Philp, Teacher, St Ignatius College


Loop is ridiculously easy to use and I have found it helpful. I like it when I need to know if kids ‘got’ a concept or if they’re still a bit confused. It’s a safe forum where they don’t have to draw attention to themselves. [It’s] also a good way to check in with those kids who are still at home due to COVID concerns. I think the concept and execution of Loop is really fantastic especially in its ease of use. Lots of senior teachers were able to set it up and use it without any problems at all (that’s rare!) and the young teachers have adopted it really quickly. I can’t think of any improvements- it’s excellent and highly adaptable."

--Emma Cant, Teacher, Marryatville high School


“Since we have implemented Loop, we have seen many benefits:

  • Staff being able to know where the students are in their learning within seconds.  Asking about the level of understanding and receiving the data immediately on the learning in the classroom is a huge incentive for staff to be accessing the software.  
  • Formative assessment as a tool for staff to use. 
  • It provides opportunity for students to be part of the learning process and not just the young people in the room listening and completing work.  

Loop helps us actually engage students in how things can be done better, or differently.  This has been part of how we as a school want to empower students in their learning.  Make learning authentic to them.  We only know what authentic means when we hear from the students.”

--Lyndon Parry, Director of Teaching and Learning, Marryatville High School

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