Edsby Capture is the on-the-go way to capture visual evidence of learning.

App of the Week

Edsby Capture gives students and teachers the ability to easily capture photographs of their work and create evidence items within Edsby’s comprehensive learning and analytics platform. Evidence items are easily captured via mobile devices, giving teachers and students a simple way to record, tag, share and report on progress and achievement. After an evidence record is uploaded, it’s automatically added to the Edsby evidence stream and associated with relevant students, simplifying the process of tracking growth. Each student is identified with a unique QR code that can be scanned to associate evidence with their Learning Story stream, and tagged with applicable expectations, standards and outcomes.


Formats/platforms used:

Mobile devices, available for download via App Store and Google Play

Primary URL:

Website: https://www.edsby.com/

Problem solved:

Edsby Capture helps simplify the process of documenting student progress and solves the barriers that can come with student evaluation. With the app’s simple functionality, catching student learning in the moment is possible.

After evidence is collected with Edsby Capture, it can be tagged with student expectations, standards and outcomes to address that core academic competencies are being met.

Age Range:

Grades K-12

Subject/topics covered:

Edsby Capture is flexible and is appropriate for use with any subject or topic. The app can be used to evaluate individual projects and activities, and to evaluate student progress over time. In addition to these features, evidence can be shared with parents at the teacher’s discretion.

Lesson time needed:

Edsby Capture was created with efficiency in mind. Capturing evidence is as easy as snapping a photo or taking a video with a mobile device. Evidence is then automatically added to the Edsby Learning Story stream.

Pricing model:


Additional products needed:

Edsby platform is required

Compatible mobile device is required