Educational Service Centers of Indiana Partners with Scrible to Help Indiana Schools Affordably Access its Research and Writing Super App

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Scrible, the super app that streamlines the research and writing process for students and educators, announced today its new partnership with the Educational Service Centers of Indiana (ESC of I) to provide its members access to its platform at a considerable discount.

ESC of I is a collaborative of Indiana's nine individual Education Service Centers (ESCs). Its members consist of the ESCs and the K-12 public school districts they serve. ESC of I implements statewide initiatives beneficial to nearly 50,000 educators and 720,000 students across Indiana's 92 counties.

Under the partnership, Scrible will provide the fully featured, paid version of Scrible to ESC of I members via the Scrible Edu Pro School PlanDistrict Plan and ESC Plan at special, discounted pricing. As a result, more Indiana educators and students will be able to use Scrible's robust platform to advance teaching and learning of the research and writing process.

"Half of America's secondary students struggle with research skills and aren't prepared for college writing," said Victor Karkar, CEO of Scrible. "We're excited to work with ESC of I to solve this problem. This partnership makes powerful modern tools accessible to Indiana schools to develop the essential digital literacy and communication skills students need for success in college and at work."

Historically, students, teachers and librarians have used multiple tools throughout the research and writing workflow. Scrible consolidates those tools in one place, streamlining a student's process of curating, annotating, citing and writing. The platform also enables teachers and librarians to track student progress via real-time analytics and easily access student work and provide timely feedback on it.

"Scrible was vetted by our Partnerships Team for quality, service and return on investment," said Dr. Christina Hilton, Director of Partnerships for ESC of I. "The team was very impressed with the platform's ability to help students stay organized throughout the research and writing process. We hope more schools will adopt Scrible into the classroom and see for themselves the impact it can have on their students' college and career readiness." 

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About Scrible
Scrible is a comprehensive online platform tackling the huge research and writing skills crisis undermining students' college and career readiness. Scrible helps students curate, annotate and collaborate on texts and supports writing with citation capture, bibliography and outline editors and word processor integration. Easy access to student work and real-time progress data enables educators to provide timely feedback and personalize instruction for each student.
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About Educational Service Centers of Indiana
Educational Service Centers of Indiana (ESC of I) is a collaborative of Indiana's nine individual Education Service Centers (ESCs), each of which serves the schools in its designated geographical region through a variety of programs and services such as professional development, cooperative purchasing, risk management and more. The mission of ESC of I is to create a collaborative environment for all of Indiana's ESCs to implement statewide initiatives beneficial to all of Indiana's educators and students.
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