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ClassHook enables teachers to find and effectively use educational videos from popular television shows and movies in their lessons. The video library covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to Math, Science, ELA, History, Business, Health, and Social-Emotional Learning. The videos are aligned to standards and accompanied by discussion questions and tools to help teachers save time and create active learning experiences for their students. Teachers can use ClassHook in a variety of ways: as an anticipatory set, to illustrate key concepts, for real-world application critique, to develop media literacy skills, and more.


Formats/platforms used:

Web browser


Primary URL:


Problem solved:

ClassHook helps teachers increase student engagement by 70% on average by making their lessons more relevant. Through increased content relevance, ClassHook also supports teachers in improving student retention and understanding of key concepts.

A 2016 Gallup poll reports that student engagement declines significantly as students progress through the U.S. K-12 education system, starting at 74% in 5th grade and dropping to just 32% in 11th grade. Two of the top reasons for this decline is that students don’t find their learning to be interesting or important, so they don’t find their learning relevant. By connecting students’ personal lives to the classroom through popular media, ClassHook makes learning more exciting, interesting, and relevant for students.


Grade or age range:



Core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development?

ClassHook supports core, supplemental, and special needs education through supplementary video material.



Core subjects (Math, Science, ELA, History), electives (Business, Health, Ethics), and other focus areas (Social-Emotional Learning, Digital Citizenship).

The videos are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards as appropriate. Videos teach and illustrate skills and don’t always align to a specific standard.


Lesson time needed:

Estimated 5 – 10 minutes per day


Pricing models:


The premium plan costs $10/month or $60/year for an individual educator. Custom pricing is available for school and district plans.


Additional services needed:

ClassHook requires:

  • An active Internet connection
  • YouTube to be accessible at the school

What makes ClassHook unique?

ClassHook uses scenes from popular TV shows and movies in an educational context. Other companies create their own content, but ClassHook leverage the familiarity and masterful storytelling of Hollywood to engage students in an educationally relevant manner. ClassHook also offer advanced features such as profanity detection and AI to search within.




ClassHook is designed to streamline the process of finding a video for teachers. It takes the form of a search engine with robust filtering capabilities – grade level, video length, omit videos with profanity, TV/movie title, and more. Once a teacher finds a video to use, we present them with a variety of information to help them best utilize the video: a description, comments on how other educators have used it in their lessons, discussion questions, and alignment to standards. The ClassHook experience applies the following instructional design events from Robert Gagn:

1. Gain attention

2. Stimulate recall of prior learning

3. Enhance retention and transfer

4. Present stimulus materials


Here’s what users are saying:

“Classhook is MORE than great! It is an easy tool that be used in any lesson to "hook" our students and gain their interest. It uses clips from movies and videos that are directly related to any subject area. It helps to jumpstart class discussions!! With it being so easy to use, you can plug in a quick clip ANYWHERE! No hassle!! If you haven't gotten "hooked" up with are definitely missing out!!!”

--Tiffany Baker, HS Honors Biology Teacher, LeFlore Magnet High School (Mobile, AL)


"I love ClassHook and felt it would be very useful for our teachers. My experience with ClassHook has been wonderful. I love the way pop culture can easily infuse into the lessons with your site. During the workshop, my teachers especially loved the clip with the little girl on The Ellen Show teaching Biology. It was hilarious. In regards to better serving our district, just please continue doing what you do. It's great. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service."

--Ruth Hegwood, District Technology Trainer, Marion School District (Marion, AR)


“I love your website! It’s such an AMAZING resource for teachers! I was sharing it with several of my colleagues here at my school and they were ALL ABOUT IT!! Really, teaching in today's society almost DEMANDS some interface with digital media! For several years I have been working on finding various clips (3-6 minutes) with which to start my class lessons (I teach high school geometry and algebra I) They are great hooks and really DO enhance student learning and student attention! I am a 24-year veteran of education and know what works and THIS DOES!! It’s very exciting!”

--Patti Shivers, HS Math Teacher, Orangewood Christian School (Maitland, FL)


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