Educator Sessions on Models and Practice: Orange County Public Schools


"No Student Lefted Unplugged: Launching and Sustaining 1:1 in a Large Urban School District" is presented by Mariel Milano, Director of Digital Curriculum at Orange County Public Schools (OCPS). OCPS has a goal to be the top producer of successful students in the nation. They have been on a journey to do that with digital learning and believe they will be able to increase student engagement and achievement by personalizing learning for all students through the use of digital content and tools. In part 2 of this Educator Session on Models and Practice, "PIVOT! Transitioning to Remote Learning in a Large Urban School District," Maurice Draggon, the Senior Director of Digital Learning at Orange County Public Schools shares how the district took a two year plan and implemented it in mere weeks, providing an additional 70,000 devices. When they made a pivot to asynchronous distance learning in the spring of 2020, and another pivot to remote learning in the fall of 2020, they had to focus on three levers: Capitalizing on communication, providing professional development and training, and investing in their instructional systems.

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