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Lifeliqe Partners with HTC Vive to Bring VR to Teaching and Learning

(San Francisco, CA.), - Lifeliqe, a visual learning platform incorporating interactive 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality programs, today announced its partnership with HTC Vive to become their strategic partner in the field of educational content. 

“We’re pleased to have Lifeliqe as an education content partner, developing high quality room-scale educational experiences on the HTC Vive,” said Joel Breton, Vice President of VR content, HTC. “From walking among dinosaurs to exploring the internal organs of a shark, Lifeliqe offers truly innovative premier content for immersive discovery and learning on Vive.” 

Historically, virtual reality has been viewed as an upcoming expansion to the gaming world. Now with Lifeliqe, virtual reality is used effectively for education as well, broadening the impact of this new technology.

“It’s such an honor to become strategic partners with HTC Vive when there are so many other incredible virtual reality competitors out there. The fact that HTC Vive chose to work with us, proves that educational content is an important area for virtual reality to conquer. We’re excited to bring our content to life with this new technology and distribute across classrooms,” said Ondrej Homola, co-founder and CEO of Lifeliqe.

Lifeliqe will officially start demoing the content at the ISTE 2016 conference from June 26-29, with other events in San Francisco to follow. “Our goal is to begin piloting the content in schools at the start of the new school year (Fall 2016), added Homola.

Some of the unique experiences for users include being able to “fly” into space and see the Hubble telescope, travel back in time to take a walk with a dinosaur, or dive into the ocean to examine the body of a shark from the inside out. All of Lifeliqe’s content is scientifically accurate and approved by the world’s most renowned universities, like Stanford University, and is also Common Core-aligned.

For more information about Lifeliqe, visit http://www.lifeliqe.com.

About Lifeliqe:

Lifeliqe is a platform company for the creation, sharing and deployment of interactive 3D objects into mobile, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D printable media. Lifeliqe’s platform exclusively presents Corinth Classroom, a visual learning tool with 1,000 interactive three-dimensional (3D) objects proven to increase engagement and learning in students. Education is the first industry launching on the Lifeliqe platform with more to follow.

Lifeliqe app is a cutting-edge 3D visual learning tool. The platform has more than 1,000 interactive 3D models in breathtaking quality and detail to provide individuals with a fun, engaging way to learn. With roots in the classroom and having been used by teachers in more than 100 countries, LifeLiQe is available on the Apple App Store & Windows Store to any student, parent or teacher seeking an exciting way to learn STEM topics.

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