Flexcat by Lightspeed is a classroom audio system enhancing teacher/student communication

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Format: Wearable and tabletop classroom audio system

Website: Lightspeed

What does it help with?

The Flexcat allows teachers to engage and monitor their students while they are working in collaborative, differentiated groups—without changing the group dynamic. The flexible communication platform allows students and teachers to engage in real-time, two-way dialogue. With the Flexcat system, students get the benefits of small-group instruction and collaboration, while teachers are able to monitor each group to make sure students stay on task and to offer help if needed.

The teacher uses a remote to switch between addressing the entire class through an “all classroom” speaker and addressing small groups through their individual pods. A charging base organizes and charges all of the components.

What grade and age range: K–12

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extra-curricular/professional developments or what?  Core

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?  

The Flexcat maps to all subjects. It allows teachers to peek inside the learning process by monitoring the collaboration, construction, contribution, and co-authoring of meaning by each learner, which is critical to completing real-time formative assessments.

What lesson time does it use?  

The Flexcat should be engaged throughout the day. The “all classroom” speaker allows teachers and students to clearly hear each other when providing instructions and sharing. Once the class divides into small groups, the Flexcat pods allow the dialogue to continue, because now the teacher can be in six places at one time.

What is the pricing model?  

The Flexcat is a scalable solution that expands as schools’ needs expand. Basic product packages include two pod systems, and additional pods can be added in pairs. Schools can also add a MultiMedia connector at any stage so all classroom audio can be shared to its fullest potential.

What makes it unique?  

The Flexcat uses patented technology to create a two-way communication tool that extends the ability of the teacher and students to communicate beyond the traditional classroom. The audio connection even goes through walls and doors. The Flexcat operates on the 1.9MHz frequency, which eliminates interference with other classroom technology. The digital connection also eliminates dropouts and dead spots in modern, open-concept classrooms.

Description of the characteristics

The system is designed with the busy, modern classroom in mind. Take the components off the charging station and you are ready to go. The wireless, portable pods are durable enough to handle the active classroom. The pods and microphones have a battery life of eight to 10 hours on a single charge, so teachers can be confident that their lessons will be not be interrupted.

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