Florida - Local Panel of Administrators - Our Digital Transition


In every Learning Counsel Digital Transition Event, one of our most popular features is our Local Panel of Educators. It is an opportunity for the areas brightest minds to get together and solve the most pressing challenges of the day. This year’s Florida event featured Dr. Connie Kolosey, Director Media, Text and Digital Learning at Pinellas County Schools, Maurice Draggon, Senior Director of Digital Learning at Orange County Public Schools and Mariel Milano, Director of Digital Curriculum at Orange County Public Schools. According to Dr. Koloosey, “We're really excited about continuing to work with our traditional teaching and learning curriculum teams and helping them understand how to leverage the technology beyond just using a cool tool, but to really impact the creativity and the research and using technology to move us into those higher level learning platforms.”

As you listen to these national experts, you’ll find answers to many of the challenges your district is now facing, and you’ll soon be using technology to move into higher levels of learning as well.

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