Forum Screen-shares Media from the Teacher’s Laptop to Student’s Phones, Tablets & Laptops

App of the Week

Forum is a presentation solution that can help equalize the seating disparity in classrooms, where every student can clearly see the presentation, download associated materials, ask questions of the lecturer discreetly and directly—and they can do it all from the device they carry every day. Teachers can quiz their classrooms with varying formats and view student responses in real-time. This is ideal for quick comprehension assessment before moving on to the next topic. Since Forum works through laptops and the connected devices of the audience, this greatly reduces the capital expense for costly projectors, screens, A/V equipment—and their corresponding costs of operation, set-up and maintenance. To view a video about Forum for Education, click here.


Formats/platforms used:

Forum software can be used anywhere, turning your laptop into a multi-person presentation tool so any Wi-Fi-enabled device can connect and receive presentations. An optional router can expand the range and audience members.


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