Free 82-Lesson Phonics Curriculum for K-3

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Can you turn “damp” into “dump,” then “dump” into “bump,” then “bump” into “jump?” FREEPhonics introduces young students to the building blocks of reading

Primary Concepts, producer of PreK-3 products and curriculum, has released FREEPhonics, a new, comprehensive word building curriculum. Distributed in the form of an eBook, the curriculum is free for teachers to download at It offers 82 step-by-step lessons, beginning with the simplest CVC words and progressing sequentially through blends, digraphs, diphthongs, consonant and vowel pairs, and r-controlled vowels. The program introduces the building blocks of reading with sequential lessons that are fun, hands-on, and designed to ensure success.

FREEPhonics lessons introduce phonics patterns one-by-one, then contrast each new pattern with similar patterns. Children enjoy the multisensory word building as they construct words by physically adding, switching, and removing letters, and tend to easily retain their understandings of how letters go together to make words. Phonemic awareness skills are an intrinsic part of the word building, because children must listen carefully for the differences in words in order to build new words from previously-built words.

Phonemic awareness refers to a child’s ability to hear, understand and manipulate the smallest sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. Research has shown that children begin developing these skills as preschoolers. As described in Threads of Reading, published by ASCD, the two best predictors of how well children will learn to read during the first two years of formal reading instruction are the level of phonemic awareness that they possess and their knowledge of letters.

The program also includes:

  • Built-in printable assessments for each unit of instruction to document progress.
  • Reproducible letter tiles, sorting mats, and sorting journals.
  • A free teacher app for projecting and demonstrating the lessons to groups.

“FREEPhonics lets children experience success while building phonemic awareness skills,” said Jim Whitney, president of Primary Concepts. “Students have fun listening to different sounds in words and figuring out which letters to change to make new words. The free teacher app and printable assessments help to provide a comprehensive, engaging curriculum.”

FREEPhonics is perfect for intervention, small group, or whole class work. FREEPhonics may be downloaded at

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