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Adaptive, assessment-driven digital learning solution motivates and rewards students with games

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (Jan. 16, 2018) – Renaissance®, the leader in pre-K-12 learning analytics, announces Fuel Education®(FuelEd) as the latest Renaissance Growth Alliance™ partner. As part of the Renaissance Growth Alliance, the companies are bringing together their complementary solutions to provide teachers with personalized instruction to help increase student engagement and mastery.

The integration, which is supported by Renaissance’s assessment-driven instruction solution, Renaissance Flow 360™, will enable teachers to use Renaissance Star 360® assessment data to accurately place students into FuelEd’s Stride™ adaptive learning solution. Stride guides students to practice where they need it most by providing engaging content that motivates students toward mastery using games as rewards. Star 360 helps educators quickly and accurately determine students’ mastery in reading and math.

“Our collaboration with FuelEd will help teachers better engage students and evaluate performance, giving them a complete, data-driven picture of student mastery,” says Paula O’Gorman, senior vice president of corporate affairs at Renaissance. “We’re pleased to work alongside FuelEd, a company that is leading the way in blended learning with adaptive learning solutions like Stride. Stride motivates students and, when paired with Star 360, is a powerful platform for educators to enhance learning experiences in the classroom.”

Renaissance formed the Renaissance Growth Alliance to provide teachers with assessment-driven instructional planning. The Renaissance Growth Alliance brings best-in-class instructional providers to Renaissance Flow 360, the only offering that connects assessment, planning, instruction, and practice in one place. The result is a holistic view of student growth and performance.

“Renaissance is a trusted name in the K-12 community,” says FuelEd General Manager Sean P. Ryan.  “By combining their assessment expertise with our personalized instructional solution, teachers will save time placing students in the program and will be better able to reliably measure results over time, thus creating the potential for a better and faster cycle of learning.”

Stride is an adaptive learning tool that engages pre-K-8 students through a six-step system that rewards learning with games. The solution utilizes adaptive assessment and targeted learning paths aligned to teacher-specified goals, paced to student needs, and structured to give students more control over their own educational journeys. A recent efficacy study found that using Stride helped students improve their test scores.

For more information about Fuel Education’s Stride, visit http://www.fueleducation.com/stride. To learn more about the Renaissance Growth Alliance, visit http://www.renaissance.com/growth-alliance/.

About Renaissance
Renaissance® is the leader in pre-K-12 learning analytics, enabling educators to drive phenomenal student growth. Renaissance’s solutions facilitate the ability to analyze, customize, and plan personalized learning paths for students, allowing time for what matters—creating energizing learning experiences in the classroom. Founded by parents, upheld by educators, and enriched by data scientists, Renaissance knows learning is a continual journey—from year to year and throughout a lifetime. Our data-driven, personalized solutions are currently used in over one-third of U.S. schools and more than 70 countries around the world. For more information, visit www.renaissance.com.

About Fuel Education
Fuel Educationâ partners with school districts to fuel personalized learning and transform the education experience inside and outside the classroom. The company provides innovative solutions for pre-K through 12th grade that empower districts to implement successful online and blended learning programs. Its open, easy-to-use Personalized Learning Platform, PEAK™, enables teachers to customize courses using their own content, FuelEd courses and titles, third-party content, and open educational resources. Fuel Education serves more than 2,000 school districts, offering one of the industry’s largest catalogs of K–12 digital curriculum, certified instruction, professional development, and educational services. To learn more, visit fueleducation.com and Twitter.

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