A Fully Integrated and Mobile Platform Focused on Improving Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

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Sibme is a fully integrated web and mobile platform focused on improving teaching and learning in the classroom. Sibme can be used to build online learning communities of teachers, share best practices, watch one another teach from anywhere, and provide job-embedded feedback. The mobile apps make it easy to capture video from any device, and watch video anytime, anywhere. The robust platform allows ease of communication, provides targeted feedback, and shares resources in a cloud-based solution.




Fully integrated web and mobile platform with native apps available for iOS and Android.




www.sibme.com   app.sibme.com

What does it help with?

Sibme makes on-demand professional development, instructional coaching, and teacher collaboration possible by giving teachers and schools the power to record and share video of their classrooms instantly, provide targeted feedback through time-stamped comments and customized framework features, and collaborate in a secure environment to ensure student artifacts and classroom videos are only visible to people who need access. Additionally, a robust analytics dashboard and customized implementation support make it easy to build out networks of professional learning at scale in large districts and institutions.

What grade and age range?  

K-12 and Higher Ed

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?

Professional Development.

What subject, topic, and standards is it mapped to?

Sibme is a Professional Development Platform which provides teacher support for all standards and subjects.

What lesson time does it use?

Because of the ease of use, these mobile apps make it possible to capture and review instruction during the lesson, which makes planning, collaboration, and PLC time more productive and efficient.

What is the pricing model?

Pricing is based upon the amount of data used by a client. A range of pricing is available at www.sibme.com/pricing

Are there services around it?

There are a variety of services around the Sibme platform: providing support in learning the technology, developing a plan and process for implementation, a Virtual Coaching service which utilizes the platform, and team of expert instructional coaches to support teachers in schools and districts who don’t have the personnel to do it themselves.

What makes Sibme unique?

While there are many features that separate Sibme from other professional development solutions, the team is what makes Sibme unique. The organization is built by experienced educators who have worked at every level of education, from the K-12 classroom to the University classroom. The application of that experience to specific needs helps to identify the best process for using Sibme within a workflow. Sibme also works to offer support and continue to find new ways for to improve workflow.

A description of the characteristics -- how is it optimized for user interface & user experience? What instructional design principles are at work here?

Sibme operates under the “Rule of 3 Clicks,” an internal principle that drives how the interface is very easily navigated. From recording and sharing video, to building collaborative teams in the platform, it takes fewer than 3 clicks to get started. Additionally, integration means that any action taken on one device will be available on all other devices quickly.

Teacher reviews:

“In my 15 years as an administrator, nothing has been more impactful for improving classroom instruction than video coaching. The coaching process coupled with the use of the Sibme platform improves what happens in the classroom by providing teachers the opportunity to see classroom practices through the same lens as the instructional coach. The results of this process benefit the academic performance of all students.”

Dr. Tonya Goree, Principal, Francone Elementary-Cypress Fairbanks ISD (TX)

“Sibme is a platform that not only enables us to make coaching more productive and efficient, it truly empowers and equips teachers to see themselves as the owners of their own development.”

Ferron Morgan, Associate School Director, DSST: Cole High School (CO)


Sibme allows my team to coach administrators and teachers more effectively. Through video, we are able to help with refining T-TESS evaluations and administrator coaching, as well as gather exemplars to share as models for teachers. This allows us to be more efficient and effective in reaching a large amount of people, with little central staff.

Holly Durham, Director of Humanities, 6-12, Spring Branch ISD

SIBME is the most powerful tool I've had the opportunity to use that truly extends professional growth by all people involved in the process of using it!!!

Lillian Pope, School Director, ResponsiveED: Pasadena Classical Academy (TX)

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