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Zogo is a gamified education platform that makes learning simple, accessible, and fun! The existing base of educational content covers a range of financial topics, teaching on everything from how to “Buy a Car” to complex investing topics like “Expand Your Investment Portfolio.”  Coupled with an expanding selection of general education topics, we guide our users to the skills they need to lead a happier, more successful life.

By completing educational content and challenging learning quizzes, users are rewarded with Pineapples. These Pineapples can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, including gift cards and charitable donations. With the combined incentives of education and real financial rewards, Zogo helps users make measurable, empowering changes to their lives.


Formats/platforms used:

Zogo is primarily a standalone app for mobile devices, but they offer other versions of the product. These include the school-focused Zogo Classroom, which is used in middle and high schools nation-wide, and their partner-focused products, which can be integrated directly into partner applications.


Primary URL:



Problem solved:

Zogo seeks to solve two problems with education: accessibility and engagement. Traditional education formats are expensive, have high barriers to entry, and, let’s face it, can be boring. By providing financial incentives for learning, rather than requiring payment, Zogo makes education available to everyone. At the same time, the gamified format keeps users engaged and motivated to keep learning.



Grade/age ranges:

Learners of all ages, from age 12 to 70+, can benefit from learning on Zogo.


Core or supplemental?

Currently, the educational content focuses largely on personal finance and related financial topics, but that focus is widening. The main goal is to cover anything that schools don’t (supplemental).



The financial literacy content is mapped to and satisfies financial literacy requirements in all 50 states.


Lesson time needed:

Lesson time required is flexible and can be determined by the user. Lessons can be as short as a 5-minute warmup activity, or can be organized into a full-length class.


Pricing models:

Pricing is flexible and tailored to each individual institution.


What makes Zogo unique? 

Zogo takes the best of education and gamification on board. Instead of just relying on the intrinsic motivation that learners bring, The app amplifies motivation by providing a financial incentive. They pay you to learn, which is unique in the world of education.




UI, UX, and ID are all closely intertwined. Interface and experience are uncomplicated and flexible, to match the way users want to learn. The choice of topics is largely self-directed by the user, and thus encourages exploration and experimentation. Coupling this freedom with a “learn and apply” model of education, users are able to gauge their own understanding in real time. As they progress through lessons, their achievements are tracked with gamified elements, providing a boost to motivation, and creating a clear link between educational success and rewards.


Here's what users are saying:

“I love this app. I get to learn and get paid while doing it. Couldn't ask for more!”

– Tara

“It’s been great to learn how to save money, pay off old debt, and work to better myself. I love the fact that I can earn rewards for my learning—it makes me pay more attention to the reading!”


“Educational and informative. A worthwhile resource for learning about finances.”



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