GBC’s Foton 30 is the first affordable, fully automated, pouch-free desktop laminator

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The   GBC Foton™ 30 is the first affordable, fully automated, pouch-free desktop laminator that does all the feeding, laminating and trimming for you.  Consecutively laminate up to 30 documents with the push of one button. Features like automated internal sensors that auto-detect film thickness provide the perfect cut every time with no waste or manual trimming. Even cartridge loading is as easy as simply dropping the cartridge into the machine. No film threading required. The Foton 30 is proven to free up 98 percent of your time spent laminating compared to manual pouch loading and feeding.


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Problem Solved:

The Foton 30 saves teachers and administrators time and money, avoiding the high costs of outside laminating services. 

Grade/age range:

Grades 3-12 (students) with adult supervision, all teachers and staff


Pricing model:

GBC Foton 30 MSRP $799.99; Refill cartridges range  from $49.99 to $81.99


What makes the GBC Foton 30 unique?

Lamination is vital in all schools, especially as schools reopen Post-COVID, as signs and resalable worksheets are able to be sanitized.   The same can go for sports teams and coaches with playbooks and stat trackers.  


User Experience:

Includes an automatic feed system so you don't have to stand around and load pouch and after pouch; just place your stack of sheets onto the feed tray, press "run", and walk away. Quick-loading film cartridges are self-winding and snap into place. Three mode run options for laminating letter size pages, over-sized sheets and odd-sized shapes.


Here’s what users are saying:

“Awesome Laminator. Works very quick, I am able to laminate sheets and use them with dry erase markers as a great Coaching tool. Easy to laminate a playbook, I am very happy with this machine.”

--Football Couch, Brian McCarthy, John Jay High School, Brooklyn N.Y.


“I initially thought this would be great for laminating frequently used resources for teaching including flash cards, games, puzzles, and classroom signs and posters. It is actually a bit overkill for just one classroom but would probably work even better for multiple classrooms or higher volume projects. I can feed this a stack of 30 sheets for lamination and walk away to work on other projects. What a time saver. I like that these are pouch free as well and I can get a custom fit with less waste.”


--Amazon user Jean K

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