Georgia’s Brightest and Best Share Hybrid and Virtual Learning Wisdom


The state of Georgia has always been a remarkable state for education technology. From Gwinnett County Public Schools to Georgia Virtual Learning to Cobb County School District and beyond, the talent is simply amazing. In this regional Digital Transition Discussion event, many of Georgia’s (and the nation’s) best and brightest education minds joined the Learning Counsel in this special two day virtual event. These talented educators share strategy from stem to stern for hybrid and virtual learning, and you’ll be sure to gather wisdom you can take back to your own school or district.


Educator Session on Hybrid Organizing: "An Introductory Look on Gwinnett Data Governance, IT Security and IT Management."

Dr. Debbie Durrence, Chief Data Officer at Gwinnett County Public Schools shares her district’s initiative to transform teaching and learning through a concerted focus on student data. You’ll hear how they took their information management and technology division and divided it into data governance, information security, and information management and technology. The result was the ability to meet the needs of all their students in the school district and provide parents with a choice in what that learning would look like for their students as they moved into this very different school year.


Georgia: Educator Session on Hybrid Organizing

Dr. Matt Waymack, Director of eCLASS Development at Gwinnett County Public Schools takes you on a fascinating step by step journey as the district transformed during the COVID-19 closure. You’ll hear how the district made technology decisions, get an insider’s view of their instructional strategy, and learn about how they handled staffing and substitute teacher issues to keep the learning going.


Educator Session on Models and Practice:  "Remote learning to Blended learning. Using the power of digital learning to enhance the new student experience"

Jay Heap, Associate Superintendent for Enterprise Services and Applications at the Georgia Department of Education and Sarah Newman, Supervisor of District Support at Georgia Virtual Learning look at the challenges for classroom teachers created by remote learning in March and the ability to transform teaching models to meet the needs of families and students. These experts focus on future opportunities and learning models that will bring positive change to learning environments for all children.


Educator Session on Models and Practice: "Future Focus Coaching: Cobb School District's In-Tech Team Prepared a District for Remote Teaching"

Join the Cobb County School District Instructional Technology team as they share how their Future Focus philosophy led to a smoother transition for teachers during Remote Learning due to a worldwide pandemic. We will discuss the steps taken before, during, and after to prepare & support our district.

Included in the discussion are : Cristin Kennedy, Director of Instructional Technology, Cobb County School District, Dr. Monica Alicea, Technology Training Integration Specialist, Cobb County School District, Jamie Gore, Technology Training Integration Specialist, Cobb County School District, Kathryn Kilkenny, Technology Training Integration Specialist, Cobb County School District’ Jena Parish, Technology Training Integration Specialist, Cobb County School District and Whitney Prather, Technology Training Integration Specialist, Cobb County School District


Georgia: Educator Session on Models and Practice

Eddie Millwood, Director of Digital Convergence at Hall County Schools and Penny Christensen, E-Learning Specialist at Hall County Schools are learning how to make virtual learning work for the district’s 27,000 students. In this educator session, they share strategies for supporting virtual teachers in their district and some very carefully thought-out next steps in their virtual journey.


Georgia - Local Panel of Administrators - Our Digital Transition

One of the most popular features of the Learning Counsel’s Digital Transition Discussion is the Local Panel of Administrator’s discussion, which features some of the sharpest minds in education. In this discussion, Dr. Keith Osburn, Chief Information Officer at the Georgia Department of Education, Tricia Kennedy, Executive Director, Instructional Development & Support at Gwinnett County Public Schools, and Janell McClure, EdS., Director, Applied Learning and Design - Division of Teaching and Learning at the Cobb County School District

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