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Because of its research capabilities, the Learning Council’s 215,000 members have come to expect surprisingly accurate predictions on the EdTech market. In this Trends Report by Learning Counsel CEO and Publisher LeiLani Cauthen, you’ll hear how the COVID-19 pandemic will define changes in the digital landscape in the coming years.

According to Cauthen, “We are going to see a trend for the next five or six years, where Chromebooks are going to start being replaced by high value machines. This is the first time you've heard that from the Learning Counsel and we're sticking by it. The next thing we will see is digital curriculum spend increasing from $13.1 billion to $15.1 billion, a full $2 billion increase. The reason for that going into 2021 is because so many people joined the fray with hardware, but they don't have enough software to justify the utility of the devices. They're still doing seven hours of zoom meetings all day long, and they're wearing people out and parents are getting upset and they're deciding to homeschool instead because it doesn't work. So, they're going to have to buy the software needed. Like D2L was just talking about, they're going to have to have a D2L level sophistication in order to accentuate the fact that some learning is synchronous, and some has to be asynchronous.”

Get in touch with the future of learning in this enlightening prognostication by LeiLani Cauthen, CEO and Publisher of the Learning Counsel News Media and Research; Author of The Consumerization of Learning and nationally syndicated Podcast host.

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