Hazel partners with schools to expand healthcare for all students

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Hazel Health empowers schools to expand health services for students. Using technology specifically designed for schools, students can connect with providers and receive an evaluation and treatment plan right from the nurse’s office, including over-the-counter medication and other prescriptions. Hazel also provides support and referrals for mental health and behavioral health. Parents can also access Hazel doctor visits from home when their child is home sick, saving them a trip to the ER or urgent care.

Schools leveraging Hazel report reduced absences for simple health concerns and an extra layer of care and partnership during COVID-19.

Hazel is the only telehealth provider designed for schools, following FERPA and HIPAA, and school district health policies, and fully integrates with schools, including referrals to counselors.


Formats/platforms used:

Parents can set up Hazel home visits on any web-enabled device. School nurses can set up Hazel visits on an iPad from the health office. Hazel provides schools with all care equipment, including the IPad with a stand, scale, thermometer, medical cart, and more.


Primary website’s URL:



Problem solved:

Hazel works with nurses at school or parents at home to treat students and advise on the next steps. Hazel provides families with referrals, resources, and follow-up to ensure healthy outcomes.

School nurses are superheroes, but their toolbox is limited.  Without Hazel, it is challenging to provide over-the-counter medications, like Advil, to help a student suffering from something as simple as a toothache. Hazel is a partner for school nurses, empowering them to do more for students by providing them with nearly instant access to a team of doctors who are experts in in-school healthcare.

With Hazel, school nurses can provide more care on-site at school, saving students from missing learning time and parents from missing work.


Grade/age range:

Hazel is available for all students in participating K-12 schools.


Core or supplemental:

Hazel addresses student health and whole child development.  With the national concern of trauma that children have experienced during COVID-19, Hazel is partnering with districts to ensure healthy classrooms and supporting children in physical well-being and mental and behavioral health screening and support. Students with access to reliable care miss fewer days of school.



Hazel provides health services to K12 students and is HIPAA, FERPA, and district health policies.


Pricing model:

Hazel’s mission is to provide care to all students, with equity and access as primary goals. Schools and Hazel work together to ensure every student has on-demand access to quality healthcare, regardless of financial or immigration status. In most cases, doctor visits with visits are low-cost for students and available at $0 patient responsibility for many families on Medicaid or other insurance. Other pricing options are available based upon the programs the district is interested in embedding to support their families.