Healthy Player ONE Solves Two Largest Concerns for Scholastic Esports

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Healthy Player ONE is the first company to introduce software to monitor and prevent harassment and injury during esports play

While popularity for esports programs continues to rise in high schools and middle schools across the country, school officials still grapple with two obstacles for successful implementation. Healthy Player ONE, launched by EdTech industry veterans is helping combat bullying and helping prevent injuries – issues encountered by nearly every program in the country.

“Educators, students and parents are concerned about two substantive challenges regarding esports that prevent it from being a healthy and inclusive environment,” commended Healthy Player ONE Chief Product Officer Elliott Levine. “Harassment and injury from prolonged play not only reduce student participation but may also subject schools and colleges to litigation and Title IX investigations.”

Recent articles and research have shown that nearly two-thirds of all players reported experiencing severe harassment during game play, and more than half of college esports players

Recent headlines across many media outlets call out issues related to harassment and injuries across the esports industry report one or more symptoms from excessive play.  Recent headlines across many media outlets call out issues related to harassment and injuries across the esports industry.

Healthy Player ONE software allows users to capture game play and headset audio on demand, allowing a student being harassed to quietly report code of conduct violations. Information is captured and uploaded to the company’s cloud dashboard where school officials can review the incident and determine the appropriate course of action. Further, the software sets time limits for game play across the network of gaming PCs and allows school officials to maintain a log of any self-reported symptoms from students.

Healthy Player ONE, currently in testing among several schools and universities, is sold to schools and universities on an annual subscription and will be formally launched in Fall 2020 at several academic conferences. To learn more about the solution, its partners and to introduce more responsible game play into your school or university, please visit

About Heathy Player ONE

Healthy Player One helps reduce injury and bullying in scholastic esports. Launched in 2020 with a team of proven executives from software development, education technology sales and academic esports, the software captures game play and allows school officials to monitor use and identify symptoms from prolonged play. The first SaaS solution designed to proactively monitor and report on health and safety in esports, Healthy Player ONE is broken down into two primary components using client-based software and our cloud dashboard. For more information, visit and follow on social media at @HealthyPlayer1.

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