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FEV Tutor delivers live 1:1 online tutoring to support individual student needs and drive measured achievement gains.

FEV Tutor partners with K-12 educators to provide those students with the greatest needs with personalized, engaging instruction any time, any place. It collaborates with public schools and districts, charter schools, and other organizations to align tutoring to their standards, curriculum, goals, and initiatives in order to accelerate learning. The result is a targeted virtual tutoring program that represents a natural extension of the student’s classroom.

FEV Tutor’s 1:1 online tutoring platform provides live academic instruction and support to students 24/7. Instructional models include:

  • Targeted Instructional Support – Each student works through a data-driven Individualized Learning Plan with a designated tutor. As they progress, FEV Tutor captures growth and engagement data to inform the next steps.
  • 24/7 Homework Help and Coursework Support – Students meet with a live virtual tutor any time they need help with homework support. The service allows learners to access a tutor on-demand or schedule time to meet for more comprehensive support.
  • Targeted Test Prep – This tutoring plan improves student proficiency and accelerates their growth across high-stakes assessments, including benchmark assessments, state tests, and college-and-career readiness exams.



Formats/platforms used:

FEV Tutor’s live 1:1 virtual tutoring takes place on its website, www.fevtutor.com, using a synchronous two-way whiteboard (FEV’s Virtual Classroom). Students do not need to download any additional software to meet with their live professional tutors.


Primary website:



Problem solved:

Live 1:1 tutoring services aren’t new to education. In fact, many districts are required by law to provide tutoring services to struggling students.

FEV Tutor has transformed the pre-existing, often antiquated, model of tutoring into an highly-effective, research-based, accessible pathway to uniquely targeted, data-driven learning.

  • Problem: One-size-fits-all tutoring programs
  • Solution: FEV Tutor works collaboratively with each partner’s ecosystem to develop a customized tutoring solution that seamlessly integrates into their curriculum plans, aligns to targeted academic goals, and ensures the most impactful learning outcomes. During scheduled tutoring sessions, each student works through a data-driven Individualized Learning Plan with a designated tutor. Student data is tracked weekly so the learning journey can be adjusted as needed.
  • Problem: Inexperienced, unqualified tutors
  • Solution: FEV Tutor provides experienced tutors who are subject matter experts. All tutors are college graduates with a minimum of two years of teaching experience. Every tutor is extensively trained on how to effectively deliver content virtually and how to adapt instruction to align with each student’s learning style. This empowers every student to learn effectively.
  • Problem: Lack of student ownership and mastery
  • Solution: FEV tutors deliver scaffolded lessons and practice a “gradual release of responsibility” (I Do, We Do, You Do) to ensure students master concepts.
  • Problem: Lack of attention to student satisfaction
  • Solution: FEV Tutor matches students with the same instructor from lesson to lesson, establishing a positive relationship. To ensure concept mastery, each session concludes with a formative assessment exit ticket, and students provide feedback about their experience. This two-way data-sharing process allows FEV Tutor to ensure students are engaged in their learning, and adjust lessons, tutors, learning styles, and content until students are satisfied with their session.
  • Problem: Lack of accountability for results
  • Solution: With efficacy at its core, FEV Tutor has a proven track record for accelerating academic gains and student growth on state assessments. It uses benchmark data correlated with the FEV Tutor platform’s data to provide educators with an Academic Impact Analysis to demonstrate improvement and success across shared academic outcome goals.



Grade/age range:


FEV Tutor serves populations including:

  • At-risk students and students in intervention programs
  • English language learner, migrant, and dual-language students
  • Special education students
  • Homeless and foster youth students
  • Near-proficiency students
  • Low-performance students
  • RTI Tier II and III students
  • Students in after-school programs


Does FEV Tutor address core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development?

FEV Tutor is a Level 2 ESSA research and evidence-based intervention. It addresses core, supplemental, and special needs.


Subject, topic, and/or standards:

FEV Tutor provides tutoring where it is needed most. The FEV Tutor team collaborates closely with each district or school to ensure the tutoring program successfully aligns with its standards, goals, and initiatives focused on individualized learning for each student. These areas include:

  • Math
  • Science
  • English language arts
  • Social studies
  • Bilingual support
  • Homework help and course support
  • Targeted test prep
  • Acceleration programs
  • Intervention efforts
  • College Prep (SAT, ACT)


Lesson Time Needed

A typical tutoring session lasts 30 to 60 minutes.


Pricing model:

FEV Tutor offers a dynamic academic-year license model that comes with a bank of instructional hours customized to meet the individual needs of our K-12 partners.


Additional services:

As part of its services, FEV Tutor provides each school or district partner with:

  • A dedicated Academic Success Coach (ASC) – The ASC (a former classroom teacher) serves as the primary contact for school partners. Through ongoing data sharing and collaboration, school partners work with their ASC to effectively implement customized tutoring, ensure implementation fidelity, and achieve shared goals. 
  • A Family & Student Engagement (FSE) team – The FSE team helps develop a productive partnership with parents. It provides 24/7 bilingual support with enrollment, scheduling, technical troubleshooting, and academic consultations and is a vital link between families and educators.



What makes FEV Tutor unique?

  • FEV Tutor has developed the industry’s most comprehensive virtual tutoring solution. Accessible from any internet-connected device, FEV Tutor is available 24/7 and offers flexible scheduling options.
  • FEV Tutor has a proven track record for accelerating learning and student growth. Studies show that:
  • Students achieve 120% of accelerated learning outcomes in 10 to 30 hours of program participation.
  • The average student exit ticket score is 80%.
  • The average tutor session rating is 4.7 out of 5.
  • Student safety is non-negotiable. Every tutor must pass an FBI clearance background check. FEV Tutor keeps all tutors’ fingerprints on file. Every session is recorded and available to view on demand.
  • FEV Tutor employs stringent Quality Assurance (QA) measures. Regular monitoring and QA checks help guarantee that tutoring sessions are of the highest quality.
  • Data informs every step. Before launch, a data analysis team collects and analyzes student data to determine the most effective tutoring programs. As students engage with tutors, stakeholders are provided with real-time data and easy-to-read reports, including:​
  • All tutors are highly qualified. Each tutor is a subject matter expert with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of teaching and/or tutoring experience.
  • Attendance
  • Learning objectives
  • Grades and subjects
  • Benchmark scores
  • Formative assessment data (exit ticket scores)
  • FEV Tutor empowers educators around the world. It employs 3,000 experienced, on-demand tutors. It has supported more than 5 million students to date.



FEV Tutor earned the Research-Based Design Product Certification from Digital Promise. To be considered for this certification, FEV Tutor had to submit evidence that its live 1:1 tutoring methodology and models were developed using extensive research of the K-12 education market, particularly on the impact that its high dosage tutoring has on student learning and achievement.

To inform its foundational design model, FEV Tutor actively prioritizes research in areas such as:

  • Learning sciences for social-emotional learning (SEL)
  • Family engagement research
  • Instructional methodologies and standards alignment
  • COVID-19 impact research and reporting


Here’s what users are saying:

“We first chose to work with FEV and continue to do so because they are not a one size fits all ‘program.’ We have personalized service that allows us to work together to design a targeted support situation. Additionally, their data team does much of the heavy lifting on our behalf after we’ve brainstormed ideas for targeted and designed results. For us this has ranged from Integrated Math 1 grade improvement all the way to AVID SAT Preparation and just about everything in between.”

— Heather Conkle, Principal, Victor Valley High School, CA

“I had a lot of kids who were below grade-level last year and I saw that the ones who participated in FEV Tutor had huge gains and they met their growth goals.”

— Emily Gullet, Principal, Epic Charter Schools, OK

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