HoverCam Invests in New Facility in Response to Exponential Growth

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Company Adds Training Room, Software Development Lab, and Digital Classroom of the Future 

SAN DIEGO July 26, 2018 — HoverCam, an innovative technology leader in the education market, today announced the opening of its new global headquarters in San Diego following record growth. The new 12,000-square-foot facility will accommodate the company’s marketing and sales, customer service, training, and software development teams. They space will also provide a dedicated software development lab, training room, and a real-world classroom, called the “Digital Classroom of the Future,” for educators, dealers, and consultants to experience HoverCam’s next generation of learning solutions.

“As educators look to transform their classrooms into a collaborative and engaging learning environment where every student can succeed, they need solutions that solve the complexity of learning and operating the multitude of independent devices in classrooms today,” said Felix Pimentel, product manager, HoverCam. “Our significant growth is a testament of our comprehensive learning solutions successfully meeting this hurdle head on. The new facility ensures that our customers have exactly what they need, providing virtually unlimited space to accelerate the engineering of solutions that spark innovation for the future of education.”

With the new space, HoverCam will be able to accommodate the company’s growing sales force and software development teams. It also provides the software development department with a new lab featuring multiple displays and document cameras. Working in collaboration with Lloyd Wafer, HoverCam’s resident education consultant, the development team will test the next generation of the company’s award-winning ClassFusion software and education solutions.

In addition, HoverCam has added a new training room to provide weekly webinars and hands-on instruction to customers. Finally, a large percentage of the company’s new footprint will be devoted to the “Digital Classroom of the Future.” Designed to simulate an active, real-world classroom, this room features a modular concept that can be changed from a traditional setup to a flipped classroom or customized, as needed. Here, customers will experience demonstrations of HoverCam’s Pilot Series digital teaching stations; CenterStage 4K UHD capacitive-touch interactive flat panels (IFPs); wireless document cameras; and ClassFusion, a classroom presentation and learning management system.

More information on HoverCam and its full line of products is available at www.thehovercam.com.

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About HoverCam

A technology leader in the education market, HoverCam delivers innovative presentation systems that keep learning environments engaging, interactive, and simple to operate. HoverCam reinvigorated the learning and teaching experience with the social learning interface KnoteSter, its family of CenterStage hyper-touch-capacitive interactive flat panel displays, Pilot wireless digital teaching stations, the 13-megapixel Solo 8Plus document camera, and the Nillo 100 — the world’s first Android-powered, high-performance digital document camera. With integration in over 300,000 classrooms, HoverCam is focused on setting the standard for the 21st-century classroom with the most effective tools to help teachers and students thrive. More information can be found at thehovercam.com.


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