Illustrative Mathematics Appoints Kristin Umland as President

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Two additional leadership team changes announced for key product strategy and program management roles

 Illustrative Mathematics (IM), the author and developer of IM K–12 Math core mathematics curricula and professional learning resources, announced that Chief Product Officer Kristin Umland, has been promoted to President. William McCallum, who co-founded IM with Umland and most recently served as president, will continue in the roles of CEO and board chair. Additional leadership team changes include the promotions of Kate Nowak to Vice President of Product Strategy, and Olivia Russell to the newly created position of Vice President of Program Management.

“Kristin has dedicated her career to improving the mathematical and pedagogical quality of children’s learning experiences, and her thought leadership has been the guiding force behind the development of IM’s products and services,” said McCallum. “The IM Board felt this was an ideal time not only to build on the strengths of the current leadership team members, but to include additional expertise from inside IM to ensure the greatest possible collaboration and connection across the organization.”

As IM’s Vice President of Product Strategy, Nowak will shepherd the future development and management of core IM products and services, oversee partnerships with organizations that support IM professional learning and manage the IM Certified Facilitator Program. Nowak has been with IM for five years and served as the instructional lead of the IM 6–8 Math and IM 9–12 Math curricula.

In the newly created role of Vice President of Program Management, Russell will ensure that IM departmental and project-specific processes are consistently well-designed and effective. She will partner with Umland to monitor and enhance processes and tools across IM.

In accepting the position as President, Umland shared, “I am excited and honored to serve in this new role as we work shoulder-to-shoulder with school communities and other organizations to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.”


About Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics. We develop and deliver core mathematics curricula along with deeply integrated professional learning experiences that ensure students receive engaging, high-quality mathematics instruction. Learn more at

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