Impero Software Announces School Digital Learning Grant

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Grant recipients will receive Impero’s classroom management software to help schools overcome challenges associated with digital learning

Use of technology in the classroom can have immense benefits such as supporting personalized learning and promoting student engagement. However, it can also bring new challenges such as how to keep students on-task, resolve technical issues and manage devices on multiple platforms.  To help teachers and technical teams address these challenges, Impero Software has announced a School Digital Learning Grant. Grant recipients will receive up to 250 licenses for Impero Education Pro, which provides a rich set of classroom management tools to help them get the most out of their technology initiatives.

Applicants can apply through December 13, 2019 at

“Providing devices for students to use in the classroom is a great way to support teaching and learning – but only if teachers and IT teams have a way of managing those devices,” said Justin Reilly, CEO of Impero Software. “We are offering this grant to help schools that may not otherwise be able to adopt classroom management software. We want every school to get the most out of their technology initiatives.”

Impero Education Pro helps schools monitor, manage and control Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS devices from a single console. It allows teachers to monitor student’s devices in real time and control the devices by locking students’ screens, disabling the internet and sending websites they want students to use directly to student devices. Teachers can also use the software to broadcast their screens to students’ screens, and send private messages to students.

To apply for the grant, applicants must write a 500-word description describing why their school would benefit from the grant. Judges are looking for the following:

How the school district is using technology to enhance student learning

Evidence of district-wide initiatives to support digital learning & student online safety

How this grant will help the school district achieve its next steps to improving digital learning

For more information on Impero Education Pro’s classroom management features, visit:

About Impero Software

Impero Software offers a range of student safety and remote monitoring and management software, relied upon by education establishments around the world. Founded in 2002, Impero Software is now accessed by over 2 million devices in over 90 countries. Impero is used by over 30% of UK high schools and in over 700 U.S. districts.

Impero’s cutting edge EdTech software consolidates a range of powerful classroom, network and device management features enabling schools and colleges to reduce costs and improve both staff and student productivity. Impero’s sophisticated online safety functionality uses keyword detection technology to help schools ensure students are navigating safely online. For more information visit:


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