Impero Software Launches Contest for Students to Bring Attention to the Issue of Internet “Trolls”

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Students are challenged to create memes highlighting why people shouldn’t troll

For more information or to enter, visit

Submissions will be accepted through January 31, 2020.

“When it comes to appropriate online behavior, the vast majority of students want to do the right thing and this contest will allow them to use their creativity to be a positive influence on others,” said Justin Reilly, CEO of Impero Software. “We launched this contest to raise awareness of the issue of internet trolls and promote good digital citizenship by starting conversations about this issue and what to do to stop it. We look forward to seeing what students create.”

The contest is just one example of how Impero supports digital citizenship and online safety. It also partners with advocacy organizations such as Mental Health America to develop libraries of key words that are incorporated into its student safety software. Schools using the software receive alerts if students type or search for those key words or phrases while using technology on the school’s network. Schools can also monitor students’ activity on those devices and use the data to inform conversations about digital citizenship or to address potentially concerning online behavior, including trolling.

For more information about the student contest, internet trolling and how Impero can help, visit

About Impero Software

Impero Software offers a range of student safety and remote monitoring and management software, relied upon by education establishments around the world. Founded in 2002, Impero Software is now accessed by over 2 million devices in over 90 countries. Impero is used by over 30% of UK high schools and in over 700 U.S. districts.

Impero’s cutting edge EdTech software consolidates a range of powerful classroom, network and device management features enabling schools and colleges to reduce costs and improve both staff and student productivity. Impero’s sophisticated online safety functionality uses keyword detection technology to help schools ensure students are navigating safely online. For more information visit:



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