An individualized, research-based math solution to accelerate students’ mastery of state standards

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Equitable, engaging, and proven effective, Achieve3000 Math offers a powerful experience to support math fluency and skills mastery. Designed for targeted practice, Achieve3000 Math helps students in grades K-12, fill knowledge gaps and build confidence with over 25,000 scaffolded, standards-aligned problems. The program’s individualized, real-time practice mimics a one-to-one tutoring session with step-by-step guidance and layers of support. When students get an incorrect answer, they are gently led through a “productive struggle” process to achieve the correct answer. The prerequisite knowledge needed is broken down into easy to understand pieces.

Appropriate hints, videos, and feedback leads students to the correct answer and a complete understanding of the concept. Using Achieve3000’s benchmark assessments, educators can personalize teaching and determine what concepts each and every student is ready to learn. Real-time reporting manages student completion skills, tracks skills-based performance, and identifies skill gaps saving teachers from hours of diagnostic implementation and analysis. Dashboard data provides an at-a-glance view of which skills need focused attention. Mathematics from MetaMetrics utilizes proven effective content and functionality to accelerate student gains. Quantile ® measures are linked to state performance standards and can be used to forecast likely performance on standardized testing.



Achieve3000 Math is a cloud-based online math solution.


Primary URL:


Problem solved:

Achieve3000 Math accelerates math mastery by filling knowledge gaps and building confidence through individualized practice and layers of real-time teaching support and personalized feedback.


Grade range:

Grades K-12


Core or supplemental:

Achieve3000 Math allows for practice of math skills and acceleration of math fluency.



Math practice aligned to state standards.


Lesson time needed:



Pricing model:

A school district or school would purchase licenses from Achieve3000 for its students.


Additional services needed:

Students will need access to the Internet, and a computer or smart device to use Achieve3000 Math.


What makes Achieve3000 Math unique?

The program’s focuses on individualized practice that mimics a one-on-one tutoring session with step-by-step scaffolding and layers of support. When students get an incorrect answer, they are gently led through a “productive struggle” process to achieve the correct answer.



Achieve3000 Math uses dynamic math problems to help students apply standards-aligned math concepts. Unlike most math problems which start and end with one question, Achieve3000 Math problems are dynamic, responding in real-time to student input. If a student asks for help or answers a question incorrectly, the initial problem is broken down into smaller, more manageable steps. Every step is connected to a standards-aligned concept, allowing the teacher to see exactly which prerequisite concepts the student is missing and failing to comprehend.


Here’s what users are saying:

“Because every step in Achieve3000 Math’s interactive system is tagged with a specific state standard, vital data is collected while students learn. This data allows our teachers to know in real time where progress is being made against standards.”

--Dr. Charlene Marchese, Supervisor of Mathematics for Freehold Township School District, Freehold NJ

From “Achieve3000 Math Accelerates Expected Learning Growth for Middle School Students”:
In a teacher study conducted during a third-party efficacy study (cite who conducted the study at the end) of Achieve3000 users,

  • 85.7% agreed or strongly agreed it was easy to help students learn and practice math concepts using Achieve3000 Math.
  • 82.9% agreed or strongly agreed that Achieve3000 Math was well-aligned to their state standards.
  • 82.8% agreed or strongly agreed it was easy to configure Achieve3000 Math for their classes.

This study was completed for a math product called LearnBop, which Achieve3000 acquired and updated as Achieve3000 Math. SEG Measurement verified that its findings concerning the efficacy of LearnBop apply to Achieve3000 Math.

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