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New and updated features from IO Education allows districts to access their data and put plans into action to improve student outcomes

IO Education, a leader in helping educators use data to improve student outcomes, announces three product enhancements reinforcing its position as an innovator in education technology. The product updates include the integration of Virtual Data Wall into IO Education’s assessment offering, improved parent-teacher communications through integrated, bi-directional SMS messaging capabilities, and expanded reporting and dashboarding capabilities.

“As a forward-thinking partner, we are always looking for ways to improve our solutions and help educators generate insights from their data to take action,” said Michael Williamson, Chief Executive Officer of IO Education. “These new product innovations will help our clients better understand their students, proactively facilitate student and parent engagement, and ultimately improve educational outcomes.”

IO Education’s proprietary Virtual Data Wall is a revolutionary enhancement within student assessment platforms, enabling educators to visualize student assessment data, sort and filter on a variety of levels, and craft targeted instructional plans.  

Once insights are uncovered and plans created, educators are able to use IO Education’s new bi-directional SMS messaging platform to take action by communicating directly with parents and students. Sending real-time updates and two-way communications is proven to increase parent engagement and student success. The platform also provides bi-directional translation technology to send and receive messages in the native language.

Finally, new dashboarding and reporting features are being introduced to both IO Education’s student assessment platform and its analytics solutions. The new capabilities include an improved visualization layer that presents data instantaneously, dynamic reporting filters with the ability to target subgroups, increased security features and role-based permissions to protect sensitive student information, enhanced drill-down capabilities and an expanded library of pre-built reports and dashboards.

“These new product updates are a significant step forward in our mission to continuously innovate in the classroom while providing educators with user-friendly solutions,” said Eric Miller, Vice President of Product Management of IO Education.

About IO Education

As a leader in the education technology industry for over 18 years, IO Education is on a mission to empower educators to achieve their goals and improve educational outcomes. The solutions from IO Education are used in all 50 states by almost 8,000 schools and 150,000 educators, supporting instruction for over 6,000,000 students. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information about IO Education, visit

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