Insight ADVANCE Launches Updated Video Coaching Software for Educators at ISTE

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Groundbreaking updates to the award-winning ADVANCE Suite allow educators to collaborate and evaluate classroom instruction best practices, all in one platform

(Encino, CA) June 21, 2018 – Insight ADVANCE, creator of groundbreaking tools for teachers’ professional growth, today announced a collection of updates to its award-winning observation, coaching, and evaluation software. Their video-based suite of products is designed to improve educators’ professional growth through collaboration and feedback.

The Insight ADVANCE Suite, including ADVANCEcalibrate®ADVANCEfeedback®, and ADVANCElearn, offers educators the opportunity to improve their practice and, ultimately, student achievement through video-based self-reflection, peer-to-peer collaboration, and coaching. Educators can use uploaded videos of their practice – classroom instruction, coaching conversations or professional development – to share with colleagues and coaches for detailed and specific feedback. State departments of education, school districts, and universities across the country use the ADVANCE Suite, and now will be able to network with one another to leverage a broader set of coaching resources. For example, the ADVANCE Suite supports the Empowering Educators to Excel (E3) program, which provides five school districts across the country the opportunity to grow as a networked improvement community.

“As part of E3, we’re focusing on coaching, professional development, and leadership development in order to positively impact student achievement,” said Dr. Danny Mendez, director of secondary education at MSD of Decatur Township in Indiana. “The Insight ADVANCE suite of products will not only support these efforts within our district, but also connect us and facilitate collaboration with districts in Texas, South Carolina, and Delaware.”

ADVANCEcalibrate® users complete video-based calibration exercises, ensuring that those who provide feedback have an aligned understanding of best practices for classroom instruction. Consistent feedback is feedback that teachers trust. ADVANCEfeedback® is designed to support educators in connecting on a deeper level using video and data to study best practices. Users can connect with peers within their district or branch out and see what peers around the country are doing in their classrooms. 

New features in ADVANCEcalibrate include:

  •       Easier tracking of results from broad assessments of observer alignment;
  •       Immediate feedback available to participants upon completion of a video rating exercise;
  •       Data designed to inform professional development and calibration practices for observers.
  •       Using alignment data to inform targeted areas of improvement.

New features in ADVANCEfeedback include:

  •       The ability for administrators to create inter-organizational groups of users to collaborate;
  •       Increased flexibility in user management and permissions;
  •       Improved video management tools and workflows for observations; and
  •       Configurable pre- and post- observation surveys.

“We’re confident that the functionality included in the new release of the ADVANCE Suite will ensure that our K-12 and higher education partners are supported through our platform to expand their own practice, leveraging our software to streamline their data management and professional development programming into one powerful workflow to drive growth,” said Nancy Goodman, vice president of product for Insight ADVANCE.


At the ISTE Conference in Chicago from June 24–27, Insight ADVANCE will be exhibiting and demonstrating the ADVANCE Suite at booth 2286.


About Insight ADVANCE

As a team of former teachers, coaches, school leaders, and district administrators, Insight ADVANCE is passionate about changing the status quo when it comes to supporting educator growth. Based on years of on-the-ground experience in states, districts, and schools across the country, Insight ADVANCE has developed a suite of products that connects self-reflection, coaching and peer collaboration, observation, and evaluation to permanently impact how all educators involved in teacher growth are supported. The ADVANCE Suite of tools breaks new ground in proving how educator observations, whether on video in person, can generate data that powerfully drives professional growth. To learn more, please visit

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