An interactive learning experience for aspiring math beasts in grades 2‑5

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Beast Academy, developed by Art of Problem Solving (AoPS), is a comprehensive math curriculum for grades 2-5 designed by its creators as “the math curriculum we wish we had when we were kids.” Beast Academy Online provides over 800 lessons, 15,000 problems, 700 instructional videos, and access to the digital Beast Academy Guide books. A subscription includes access to the full online curriculum and all of the digital Guide books for grades 2, 3, 4, and 5.

It teaches kids how to think critically and understand the foundational concepts behind the math calculations they are learning. Engaging, comic-book style illustrations keep kids coming back for more, even as they grapple with some of the most rigorous math problems available anywhere. Beast Academy gives educators a practical way to increase the rigor of math instruction available in schools, ensure all students are appropriately challenged, and make math more fun and engaging for learners.


Formats/platforms used:

Beast Academy Online is a web application that runs on any internet-connected desktop, laptop, or tablet (including touch devices) with an updated version of one of the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Try it out and see how it works on your device with this Demo.


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What does Beast Academy help with? What problem does it solve?

The vision of Art of Problem Solving is that the overall level of math education provided to students will be raised, so all students develop their skills and knowledge according to higher standards. Each learner will have access to content and instruction that is appropriately challenging, and fosters continuous growth along with a passion for progress. This vision is fully in focus in Beast Academy:

Beast Academy Online helps students learn core concepts, develop reasoning skills, and enhance their creativity. Like all AoPS programs, it is focused on problem solving, not the memorization of rote procedures.



By encouraging students to try multiple times to solve challenging problems, it promotes tenacity and rewards perseverance. Even for the most advanced learners, Beast Academy continues to challenge them and ensure they are stretched to the maximum level of their ability as they work through productive struggle, helping every student to develop a healthy growth mindset.


Primary user age:

Beast Academy is a full math curriculum for grades 2-5. A subscription includes access to all the available grade levels.


Audience served:

Beast Academy Online can be used as the core math curriculum for advanced elementary school students, or as supplemental content to another core program. It is typically used in gifted programs or as a challenging supplemental program for general elementary math education.


Subject, topic, and/or standards:

Beast Academy provides a comprehensive math curriculum for grades 2-5. Visit this page for more information about how it is mapped to the Common Core standards:


Lesson Time Needed:

Beast Academy can be used as the core math curriculum for advanced learners in grades 2-5 or as a supplemental resource, so it can be used for part of the math period or for the entire block.


Pricing model:

Beast Academy Online can be purchased as a yearly subscription for individual or home use, or can be licensed by a school or district for use by all students in grades 2-5. School and district leaders can contact the Art of Problem Solving team via this online form or via email at to receive a quote.


What makes Beast Academy unique?

Beast Academy’s creators designed it to be the math curriculum they wish they had when they were in school. As such, there is not only a focus on rigorous content that is appropriately challenging for even the most high-achieving students, but also on a user experience that is truly interactive and engaging. The following key features help the program stand out:

  • A comprehensive online curriculum for grades 2‑5 with over 800 lessons.
  • Over 15,000 problems including puzzles, games, word problems, and skill drills. Students get immediate feedback when they complete problems, and full solutions are provided for every problem.
  • A library of interactive mathematical puzzles designed by World Puzzle Champion Palmer Mebane, which offers engaging review of important math concepts while strengthening creative reasoning skills.
  • Over 700 videos tied directly to the lessons. The videos feature AoPS founder Richard Ruscyk and model the problem-solving strategies needed to excel.
  • Digital versions of the Guide books for grades 2‑5. These are richly-illustrated books that allow students to explore at their leisure or jump straight to relevant sections of the Guides while practicing their skills.
  • In-depth reporting on student progress and activity. The reports track many aspects of students' mathematical development, and relevant reports are made available to students, parents, and teachers both online and through email.