IXL Learning Introduces Its First World Language Curriculum with Release of IXL Spanish

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IXL Spanish helps learners develop fluency, teaches real-world communication skills and supports personalized classroom learning

Today, IXL Learning, the K-12 personalized learning program used by 1 in 9 U.S. students, introduced IXL Spanish as its first world language curriculum. IXL lays the foundation for Spanish fluency while placing an emphasis on real-world applications. This helps students develop the confidence to use their new language skills in face-to-face interactions. And, as the first product to offer personalized Spanish learning aligned to textbooks and standards, IXL Spanish is built to support school language instruction.

"IXL Spanish is no ordinary world language program. It goes beyond the flat, printed page to provide a world of playful, fascinating online material that you can't resist immersing yourself in," said Paul Mishkin, CEO of IXL Learning. "Through IXL, students will develop such proficiency in the fundamentals of Spanish that they'll become second nature. This is true fluency, and it frees learners to have more creative, lively and authentic conversations."

Developing fluency and confidence

IXL Spanish is designed to prepare learners for real-life conversations. The curriculum helps students understand grammar and vocabulary topics from multiple angles by breaking down each concept into its smallest building blocks. As students learn, IXL continually challenges them to apply their knowledge to communication scenarios they’ll encounter in the real world. With IXL's technology, students can practice an unlimited amount until they feel comfortable and confident with each skill.

Inspiring authentic, real-life communication

IXL goes beyond teaching the mechanics of the Spanish language to educate students about the different cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. One reading skill, for example, describes physical education classes in Mexico. As students answer questions about the text, they also learn facts about what it’s like to attend school in Mexico, which helps them gain new cultural perspectives and feel prepared for interactions with native speakers.

Cultural context is also embedded in other types of skills. For instance, in a skill about identifying Spanish-speaking countries, a fun fact informs students that in Nicaragua most streets do not have names, so people use points of reference instead. Audio recordings even feature 12 different Spanish accents, helping learners appreciate the nuances of the Spanish language.

Supporting classroom learning

IXL’s curriculum is aligned to the most popular Spanish textbooks and to ACTFL standards, so teachers can easily find the exact content that supports their lessons. Because IXL’s adaptive curriculum takes on the task of helping students master foundational skills, teachers can spend more time on in-class activities such as speaking practice or small-group instruction. Additionally, educators can use IXL Analytics to check students’ understanding and identify trouble spots as soon as they arise.

IXL Spanish information and availability

IXL Spanish covers Level 1 Spanish curriculum and is geared towards middle school and high school students. In addition to Spanish, IXL covers math, English language arts, science and social studies, and is aligned to the Common Core and all state standards. IXL offers 10 free practice questions each day for students not subscribed to IXL; subscribers can practice unlimited questions across all grade levels. IXL is available online and as an app for iPad and Android. For more information and to subscribe to IXL, please visitwww.ixl.com.


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