Jamf Safe Internet is an educational content-filtering solution that ensures students can navigate the Internet safely

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The Internet should be where students learn confidently: growing and exploring where their curiosity takes them. Students spend nearly twice as much time online than ever before. This means a growing need for digital safety to eliminate cyberattacks and prevent students from accessing unsafe content.

Incorporating Jamf Data Policy and Jamf Threat Defense functionality, Jamf Safe Internet is an educational content-filtering solution that ensures students can navigate the internet without reserve or fear — purpose-built for Apple.

Designed to help schools protect minors from harmful content on the internet, Jamf Safe Internet enforces acceptable-use policies without sacrificing the unmatched learning experience Apple devices provide.

Jamf combines best-in-class network threat prevention and a vast content-filtering database to block unsafe content and malicious attacks such as malware or phishing so that students can learn safely anywhere.




Used only on Apple iOS/iPadOS.


Primary URL:

https://www.jamf.com/products/jamf-safe-internet/ OR https://www.jamf.com/


Problem solved:

Privacy is an important right for everybody: especially students and children. The "prevention over inspection" approach allows schools to help children be safe on the internet without invading their privacy. Jamf is able to provide a safe Internet environment for students of all ages, while also offering schools enough information to guide students on the internet when needed. Jamf Safe Internet blocks unsafe content that students shouldn’t see, while also preventing malicious attacks (malware, phishing, etc.), for a seamless learning experience.



Grade range:




Device security and content control.


Pricing model:

The company provides annual subscription pricing for Jamf Safe Internet as a standalone solution and also offer pricing bundles that provide additional savings when purchased with other Jamf products such as Jamf School. Please refer to the pricing page for additional details. https://www.jamf.com/pricing/education/


Additional services needed:

Jamf School or Jamf Pro is required in order to use Jamf Safe Internet.

Jamf Safe Internet is a comprehensive content filtering solution, optimized for education that integrates with Jamf Pro or Jamf School to deliver a safe online experience to students while offering effortless management for admins.