The Journey BEYOND Interoperability

Chris Rose

It's almost 2022, and in your tech stack discussions, interoperability is table stakes and should serve as the very basic starting point for a much larger goal.

The goal of EdTech is simple, but as we know, it is not simply reached. It should be to SERVE the learning community. This includes not only teachers and students, it includes supporting all school employees including teachers, administrators, administrative assistants, aids, coaches, bus drivers, and everyone connected with learning. Think of a blend of staff and faculty – Staffulty – and you’ll be there – as well as students’ family members (parents, grandparents, siblings, and any home support), and community partners (those working with the school to help students before, in, or after school).

For software to truly serve its users, it must not be “one more thing,” and certainly should not be something that takes time away from the user. The software must give time back and allow the user to accomplish his or her goals and objectives in a much more seamless way.

Interoperability can be thought of as building blocks. Having the same block size/shape that fits together with other blocks is a REALLY important thing. Lego blocks are “interoperable” with each other. It allows the block builders to focus not on fitting blocks together, but rather allows them to spend their time on creation.