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Powered by over 30,000 hours of streaming, interactive K-12 lessons and programs, Belouga blends real-world learning with core subject areas to provide a learner-centered experience that sparks creativity and curiosity to learn about the world, with the world. Students and teachers in over 100 countries are active in the Belouga community, bringing learning to life through in-platform peer-to-peer connections and collaborations, leading to students and teachers building their own learning networks and achieving their classroom and personal education goals.


Formats/platforms used:

Belouga is accessible on web, tablet and mobile devices.


Primary website URL:



Problem solved:

The missing ingredient in the education system today is empathy. Belouga's internal methodology known as CLAI (Curiosity, Learning, Action, Impact), provides students and teachers with a wealth of real world learning opportunities, sourced from global organizations customized to their educational goals and curiosity, followed by action items where they can put their learning to work in their communities to create impact. CLAI is the foundation of the Belouga global experience utilizing content and community to create a framework that makes learning meaningful and equitable. This strategy builds a deep wealth of knowledge and interest in subject areas, while building cultural bridges and creating global citizens in all learners.


Grade/age range:

K-12 students and educators


Additional resources:

Belouga provides closed captioning on all video content (translatable in multiple languages), along with translate options on all in-platform text content. Professional development is available for educators as well, sourced from global educators, experts and accredited organizations.



Belouga content covers over 80 subject areas, all aligned to real-world learning through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and personalized to users local and national standards. The product brings in multiple elements of critical thinking and self-guided learning principles, while promoting long-term growth and knowledge depth.


Lesson time needed:

Lessons are between 15-90 minutes and driven by each individual user.


Pricing model:

Registration is free for all students and teachers. Belouga premium subscriptions (includes full library access for classroom and PD activates, video recording and transcription, lesson plan playlist functionality, lesson plan builder access):

Premium subscription for teachers (includes access for all their students): $11.99/month

Premium subscription for parents (includes access for up to 3 students): $5.99/month


What makes Belouga unique?

Belouga provides a full personalized social learning experience in one location. Students and teachers are served up content and connections that align directly with their interests, age, subject and standards. Belouga’s content library provides a complete unique perspective and experience for learners, but also integrates a social element for students and teachers worldwide to collaborate throughout the platform, bringing learning to life.



The user experience is based on simplicity and ease of use for all users, regardless of age. The platform is structured in a streaming content perspective (Netflix, Hulu, Prime), integrating social aspects for communication to create a seamless learning process. The design principles look to incorporate the platforms students and teachers are using outside the classroom in their daily life. Through content and collaboration, the Belouga experience is built with the user in mind, and learning the priority.


Here’s what users are saying:

"Our goal is to develop global citizenship in our students and provide them with opportunities to take their learning beyond the walls of their school. Getting our classrooms using the Belouga platform helps support this in many ways. Students were given the question, "what if your curiosity can change the world?" Through Belouga they can do just that and take their learning from "what if?" to "what's next?"

  • Mike Drezek, District Technology Integrator, Lake Shore Central School District

“Global Collaborations are an integral part of my class and Belouga provides an excellent platform for my students to connect all over the world.  Belouga is so user friendly and intuitive so my students are eager to use the site.  The questions are geared towards students' interest so they are talking and comparing responses with their classmates while they are answering them.   Belouga is FUN along with the overall mission of inclusiveness built in.”

  • Rhett Oldham, 7th & 8th Social Studies Teacher, Ste. Genevieve Middle School

"There is a lead learner at our school that has a sign on her classroom door that says “everyone smiles in the same language.” When I think about Belouga’s mission of learning about the world with the world the visual of humans from all walks of life smiling is what comes to mind first. To say having Belouga as a part of your school curriculum and professional learning is a smart choice is an understatement. Embed it. Soak it up." 

  • Beth Sanders, Technology Integration Specialist, Pike Road School District

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