Kahoot's New Mobile App Redefines Homework for Learners

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Scheduled for Fall 2017, app will make homework fun and enjoyable through after-class game challenges that teachers can share with students to play on their mobile devices

Kahoot!, the game-based learning platform and one of the world’s fastest growing learning brands with 50 million monthly active unique users, is previewing its new mobile app at ISTE 2017. The new app, designed for iOS and Android, brings the magic of game-based learning outside the classroom: teachers can send after-class challenges to students as homework, and learners can continue playing for revision and fun wherever they are.

Nine out of ten teachers say they use Kahoot! for review and revision of topics taught in the classroom, according to a recent Kahoot! survey of 580 U.S. teachers. Reinforcement of topics with Kahoot! has proven to be more effective compared to traditional teaching methods, survey results found. Nearly a quarter of the teachers surveyed said they would play Kahoot! more often if kahoots could be assigned as homework.

“Teachers and students love playing Kahoot! and don’t want to stop when the bell rings,” says Erik Harrell, CEO, Kahoot! “With our brand new app, we facilitate a continuous learning loop, letting students play the challenges wherever they are. Kahoot! makes learning awesome - and now homework, too! We are excited to launch the final version of the app for the new school year in a few months.”

The new mobile app will appeal to teachers who can extend learning beyond the classroom by challenging students -- either from the Kahoot! platform on their computers or in the app -- to play a kahoot at home on their own time, either alone or with other students. The mobile app will also cater to a growing number of students who are increasingly spending time on their mobile devices giving them the opportunity for revision, reinforcement and, of course, fun outside the cassroom.

Some of the key features of the app are:

  • Start the Kahoot! journey on the home screen
    • The home screen gives an overview of challenges in progress and previous games played, a list of featured kahoots, as well as the ability to search for kahoots. Of course, players can also join games hosted in the classroom by entering a game PIN.
  • Single player mode
    • Players don’t need a second screen - they can see questions and answers on their phones. This is great for learners for revision and practice while competing against virtual players. If players want to perform better than they did in a classroom game, they can improve their score by practicing at home.
  • Challenges making homework fun
    • Teachers can send homework to students through challenges, both from their computers and the app. Accepting challenges, learners can get back in the game anytime!

Attendees at ISTE, one of the largest conferences focused on EdTech, will be able to try and learn more about the app at the Kahoot! booth, located at #326. When launched later in Fall 2017, the new Kahoot! app will be available for both iOS and Android.

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