Kids Discover Announces New Single Sign-On Capability

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The elementary and middle school curriculum is now compatible with single sign-on through Google Classroom and Clever

Kids Discover, a leading provider of vibrant and engaging science and social studies curriculum, is thrilled to announce that its products are now compatible with single sign-on through both Google Classroom and Clever. Students will now only require one password to access Kids Discover content—the same password they already use for the rest of their classroom programs.

Kids Discover’s choice to integrate their curriculum with Google Classroom was influenced by the fact that it is one of the most widely used tools in classrooms across the country, with more than 30 million students, faculty, and staff using their free school collaboration suite, Google Apps for Education. The low cost and manageability of the Chromebook has also led to this product accounting for 49 percent of all U.S. K–12 personal computers in 2015.

For more than 25 years, Kids Discover has created products with the interests of teachers in mind, and has always taken their feedback into account. For example, when incorporating new software into the classroom, teachers want to be sure that the new technology will seamlessly integrate with the software they already use. For all the benefits digital curriculum promises, forgotten usernames and passwords can stand in the way of effectively using these digital resources. Educators want the flexibility to move from resource to resource, or from site to site with students. If that requires different usernames and passwords, it can result in friction during the adoption process, causing educators to lose invaluable class time tracking down individual sign-in information.

“No one wants to spend 10–15 minutes at the beginning of class troubleshooting forgotten usernames and passwords,” said Ted Levine, the president and CEO of Kids Discover. “Single sign-on is a must in 2017, and is moving to the top of every Tech Integration Specialist’s wish list. This new feature is about making Kids Discover Online as convenient and seamless to integrate into the classroom as possible, returning class time to teaching and learning, not administrative tasks.”

Kids Discover will continue to explore deeper integrations with Google Classroom and other popular classroom management software in the future.


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