Kids Discover Releases 25 New Social Studies Titles

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Arriving in time for back to school, the new print and digital K–8 content will cover topics in history, geography, and the legal system

Kids Discover, a leading provider of engaging science and social studies curriculum for elementary and middle school students, is proud to announce the release of 25 new social studies titles in time for back to school. These titles will address topics never before covered in Kids Discover’s print or digital libraries.

“This new content signifies Kids Discover is more than just a supplemental content provider,” said Jennifer Dixon, senior editor at Kids Discover. “We’re providing educators the opportunity to expand their usage of our content in their classrooms. It’s an exciting time for Kids Discover and our customers. We are constantly adapting to new challenges and demands from a changing educational landscape.”

Ten of the new titles are geared towards grades K–3, and focus on topics like Rules and Laws, People and the Environment, and U.S. Geography. The remaining 15 titles are a mix of American History and World History titles aimed at upper elementary and middle school learners, with titles like “Westward Expansion,” “13 Colonies,” and “China’s Empires.” These 15 titles will also be released digitally on Kids Discover Online, with assessment questions and interactive features.

“Print is not dead, but dull print is,” said Ted Levine, the president and CEO of Kids Discover. “At Kids Discover, our passion is to produce rich, engaging, and highly stimulating content that excites students about reading and makes them enjoy learning about science and social studies. Our designers and writers work hard to make sure both our print and digital content are top-of-the-line, visually as well as academically.”

Kids Discover invests heavily in licensing high-quality images and iconic photographs, as well as creating original art, with the goal of making reading a visually engaging experience for every reader. Later in August, Kids Discover will begin rolling out a feature series on the artists who create Kids Discover’s original artwork, including cartoons, water-color paintings, and 3D animations for Kids Discover Online. A short spot on the artists is also featured in the fall 2017 catalog.

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