Knomadix is a customizable, interactive learning platform that transforms existing static content into dynamic curriculum

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Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Website: Knomadix

What does it help with?

Knomadix is a customizable, interactive learning platform that gives teachers, schools, and districts the power to create new content and transform existing static content into dynamic curriculum improving learning outcomes in the interactive age.

What Grade and Age Range?

Knomadix has the ability to enhance learning for all PK-12 students.

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extra-curricular/professional development or what?

Knomadix can be used for all core content delivery or as a supplement for specific grade levels and subject areas.

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

Knomadix works well with all grade levels, topics, and content types including standards-aligned and non-standard content.

What is the pricing model?

Per student annual subscription based on district volume (starting at $20)

Are there services around it?

Knomadix is web-based with no additional services required. The platform is incredibly intuitive, however there is additional support available for educators and administrators via on-demand video tutorials, personalized professional development sessions delivered virtually or in-person, and content migration/implementation support and services.

What makes it unique?

Knomadix provides a customized content delivery platform that empowers educators to easily create and share content, and transform static PDF or video resources into engaging, dynamic content such as:

  • Interactive worksheets with instant feedback, automatic grading, and tools that facilitate differentiated instruction
  • Multi-modal, gamified content that captivates students
  • Customized instructional videos with embedded activities and assessments
  • Virtual interactive manipulatives including number board, geometry toolbox, and multimedia flashcards that deepen student engagement
  • Instant replay for teachers: the system captures every step of a student’s work, while reviewing a teacher can view the work as if he or she was right there looking over their shoulder

A description of the characteristics – how is it designed for user interface, user experience?  What instructional design principles are at work here?

Knomadix, accessible from any internet enabled device, helps individual teachers, schools, and districts make the transition from static lessons to a dynamic, interactive, digital curriculum. Knomadix’s innovative software makes creating immersive, customized learning experiences for students as easy as point-and-click. The platform automatically captures student performance data and intermediate work steps so teachers can make more informed and timely decisions on how to best engage each individual student. The Knomadix solution caters to different learning styles, gives instant feedback, grades automatically, simplifies workflow and organization, and saves time for teachers.

Knomadix is made up of four main components:

  • Content authoring tools for easy creation of dynamic, interactive content
  • Knomadix apps that manage student and teacher workflow, enable student interactivity, and captures data
  • Knomadix interactive cloud that facilitates the workflow between teachers and students
  • Cloud based dynamic content repository, for creation of private content that is sharable within school districts


A teacher’s review:

Nicole Breckling Lalanne, Math Department Chair, Richardson High School

“Knomadix improves upon paper-based worksheets by allowing customization, personalization, use of multiple media, and instant feedback to cater to differing learning styles while providing insight and simplifying classroom management”

Ashley Steele, Science Department Chair, Lake Highlands Junior High School

“The greatest benefit of the Knomadix system is that students, as well as the teachers, get immediate feedback. That way I know exactly what they need help with, and they can tell me what they need help with — so everyone can succeed”

Jeanie Burkhalter, Science/Social Studies Teacher, Lake Highlands Elementary School

“Knomadix assignments are very easy to use. Everything is on the cloud so I can create all my exercises on any device. Students also get immediate feedback, which, with auto-grading and differentiated lessons, improves classroom assessment.”

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