Lalilo is a research-based phonics and comprehension program

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Designed for K–2 students, Lalilo supports foundational literacy instruction through innovative research-based technology that drives engagement, reporting that provides a wealth of learning data and performance metrics, and planning tools that provide teachers the ability to review student progress and assign practice in specific skills to match classroom curriculum. Lalilo leads students through a standards-aligned series of engaging lessons to perfect pre-reading and reading skills, including phonological awareness, phonics, word work, comprehension, and grammar.


Formats/platforms used:

Lalilo is a web-based program.


Primary URL:


Problem solved:

Lalilo provides students with a comprehensive, supportive digital learning environment to promote independence and proficiency, providing them with the best opportunity to master the skills necessary to become lifelong readers.


Grade or age range:



Core or supplemental?




Lalilo is based on Common Core K–2 Reading Foundational Skills Standards.


Lesson time needed:

Lalilo is a self-paced supplemental tool, so there is no set “lesson time.” Teachers use Lalilo in a myriad of ways including: Literacy Centers, to teach phonics/reading comprehension lessons to the whole class, one-on-one activities, intervention time, independent reading, and more.


Pricing models:

There’s a free edition of Lalilo, along with a premium edition.


Are there additional services included or needed for your product? Please describe in detail:

To use Lalilo, you only need a computer or tablet with an internet connection and a web browser (we recommend Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome) and headphones with a microphone (recommended for speech exercises, but not required).


What makes Lalilo unique?

Lalilo is designed to work as a complement to any teacher’s instructional method and curriculum, and supports students in elements that are critical to success in literacy learning.



Lalilo follows the guidelines of Universal Design for Learning to support the various learning needs of individual students. Lalilo provides numerous scaffolds for students with special needs as well as language learners. Some examples of scaffolds include:

  • A calm and quiet interface that allows students to focus on the cognitive task;
  • Directions read aloud;
  • The ability to repeat instructions and audio files;
  • Visual support whenever possible; Specific and immediate oral formative feedback with the ability to try again; and
  • Reading materials that reflect diverse student backgrounds and experiences.

Lalilo is working with advisors specialized in learning needs in order to continuously improve the student experience and ensure new features have the necessary supports to benefit all learners.


Here’s what users are saying:

“There are a lot of computer programs out there for students where they need my help to get started or answer questions, but Lalilo is straightforward and easy for them to understand. I love that it's a fun game that helps them learn!”

--Ellery A., Classroom Teacher, Stewartsville Elementary School

“I love this program! It offers phonics, writing, and vocabulary supports. My parents enjoy it as well and told me it is really helping their child. Students love to use technology, and this is a fun resource to use. Paired with incentives, the students love it. They also enjoyed receiving the printable awards that Lalilo offered. These awards/certificates were encouraging. Being an adaptive program is beneficial because it targets the needs for each individual student.”

--Neikeisha S., Special Education Teacher, Village of Excellence Academy


“Excellent tool for individualized instruction and takes all the prep out of differentiation. I like that when I say, ‘Get on Lalilo!’ I know that the lessons are tailored to each student's needs without me having to go in and set each student's lesson separately. I log on when I want to look at reports, but otherwise, it runs itself. Major plus.”

--Brittany R, Teacher, Grand Rapids Adventist Academy


“I love this program! It helps differentiate instruction for all students in the class no matter what level they are at! Very teacher and student friendly and also engaging! The data piece is amazing, and it gives teachers an inside look at phonics, sight words, comprehension, and so much more. Kids are engaged and enjoy the program. I think it is the missing piece to effective phonics instruction!”

--Andrew S., Classroom Teacher, Glendale Elementary School


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