Launch of Free Digital Distance Learning Course for K-12 Educators

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A hands-on workshop for school leaders to help build an effective distance learning solution

Lumos Learning is delighted to announce the launch of “The Fully Informed Administrator”, a free 30+ hours hands-on workshop on Distance Learning; created in collaboration with Prof. Edward G. Rogoff, professor and former Dean of Long Island University along with volunteer school leaders.

The online course is meticulously designed to equip administrators and educators insights into crafting a practical and successful distance learning framework for their schools/districts.


Program Highlights


  • Six sessions workshop on distance learning
  • Videos, readings, and quiz on each topic
  • Research-based and result-driven
  • Instructor: Prof. Edward G. Rogoff
  • Lumos completion certification included


Topics Covered


  • Challenges & hurdles in distance education
  • Supporting tools & technologies
  • Curriculum & instruction in distance education
  • Importance of organizational structure & staff training
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Planning the school reopening


About the Instructor

Professor and former Dean of the Long Island University. He received a B.A., M.B.A., and Ph.D. From Columbia University where he wrote his thesis under the supervision of Nobel Prize winning economist William Vickrey.

To learn more and enroll for free, visit:


About Lumos Learning:

Lumos Learning is a division of Lumos Information Services which offers a complete distance learning solution along with test prep programs to boost student scores. 

Lumos study programs are secure and can be easily integrated with other platforms to maximize accessibility. It also provides actionable data for school leaders, teachers, and parents to collaboratively support student learning.

The standards-aligned programs are developed by expert teachers and are used by over 26,000 schools, 370,000 students, and 53,000 teachers.  Lumos prides in their ability to create custom solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of individual school districts.

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