Learning Bird’s New Release Makes Differentiated Instruction Easy, Scalable

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Additions include classroom management tools, lesson assignment support, added visibility for related lessons, and new reports to track results

MONTREAL - Learning Bird announced today a significant update to its award-winning learning platform.

The latest release of Learning Bird is designed to further empower teachers in offering differentiated instruction in their classroom by allowing them to easily assign specific lessons to individual students or groups of students. Teachers can upload their class lists into the platform and can then selectively assign individual lessons or playlists of lessons for students to complete. Teachers can even set due dates for lesson assignments and can check back any time to see which students have completed the assignments and whether they found the assignment helpful or not.

“These enhancements really help teachers better craft personalized learning for every student,” said Henry Ryan, president of Learning Bird. “Teachers can assign extra lessons to students who are stuck on a specific topic, allowing them to explore a topic from multiple angles and to hear it delivered by different educators. Students who are ahead of the class can take on extra lessons to learn more on topics of interest.”

With a unique combination of trusted digital content, adaptive algorithms, and teaching support tools, Learning Bird makes it easier for all teachers to differentiate their instruction so every child performs better. Learning Bird includes digital lessons from a variety of approaches to help students find their path to better learning and to support teachers in helping them achieve this.

In this update, there have also been significant enhancements made to the lesson viewer, allowing students to clearly see a different approach, and to see related lessons. This helps students in overcoming learning obstacles and achieving better outcomes as they can experience a lesson explained by a different teacher or delivered in a different way. Learning Bird lessons are presented as stories, presentations, songs, animations, role play, text and more, ensuring every student can find the right explanation to help him/her understand. 

Another important update is the addition of reporting at the class, teachers, school, and district level. This allows administrators to clearly be able to see how students are performing from an individual, class and school/district perspective, and provides educators and administrators with the opportunity to link data to student progress.

About Learning Bird

Delivering differentiated learning to every student is expensive to implement and challenging to scale. Learning Bird provides teachers with the content, tools and professional development to easily guide each student to success on their own personal learning path. With thousands of lessons that offer multiple approaches on each topic, teachers can keep students engaged even when they encounter an obstacle. Our lessons are trustworthy, vetted by real teachers, and aligned to local curriculum. Learning Bird moves students in 6th to 12th grade toward better outcomes, higher graduation rates, and increased college and career readiness. For more information, visit www.learningbird.com.


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