Learning Blade Backpack enables interactive STEM learning without Internet at home

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Learning Blade has released a unique app for Chomebooks to help bridge the digital divide that has been expanded by widespread remote learning.  The Learning Blade Backpack app allows students with limited or no Internet at home to learn about STEM and computer science careers. Through this app students without Internet access at home can use a large library of interactive STEM lessons that expose students to high-demand careers while practicing and demonstrating the relevance of basic academic skills. The app works by allowing the students to download multiple hours of interactive lessons while at school or wherever connected to the Internet. The student can then work on the interactive lessons even where Internet is not available. Then whenever the student reconnects to the Internet, the scores and results are automatically uploaded for the teacher to review.


Formats/platforms used:

Chomebooks.  (The entire Learning Blade platform is also available on the web for desktop browsers.)


Primary website’s URL:



Problem Solved:

Learning Blade Backpack brings interactive STEM lessons to students who do not have Internet access a home.


Grade/age range:

Grade 5 – 9.


Core or supplemental:

Learning Blade is a supplemental system for increasing awareness and interest in STEM careers. It engages a wide range of traditional and non-traditional students in STEM and computer science by presenting science and computer science topics in the context of 12 human-centered problems that students work to solve. The entire system includes interactive lessons, hands-on activities, design thinking projects, at-home parent exercises, 3D printing resources and coding activities.



Learning Blade is mapped to the, math, English, science, social studies and technology standards of all 50 states.


Lesson time needed:

Results can be achieved in as little as two hours, although the system includes over 100 hours of online curriculum and 100 hours of offline resources.


Pricing model:

Licenses are provided on a per-school basis. Several statewide contracts are in place. Contact info@learningblade.com for details.


Additional services:

Teacher professional development and support is included at no charge.


What makes Learning Blade Backpack unique?

Learning Blade is a system of interactive lessons and printable at-home activities for 5th to 9th graders where students learn about STEM and Computer Science careers while reviewing academics. The system is unique in that it introduces over 100 careers and technologies through 12 human-centered “Missions” that engage students in current societal problems. Students can use over 400 lessons and activities that are aligned to all 50 states’ standards.  This resource has been deployed statewide in several states, including Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama and Missouri. Over 4 million lessons have been delivered on this platform, and independent research has confirmed that this program increases student awareness and interest in STEM careers.



Learning Blade uses an interdisciplinary approach to STEM and computer science. Each Mission includes lessons designed specifically in the contexts of science, math, English and social studies. The Missions engage students in a variety of methods, including interactive online lessons, hands-on activities that use only common materials, and team-based design thinking projects. Each lesson and activity has been designed to engage students through interesting topics while also addressing specific academic skills. The entire system is contained in an easy-to-use, menu-driving learning management system.


Here's what users are saying:

“I have one student that has been using the Learning Blade Backpack app at home since she has no Internet, and she loves it. She said it makes her feel like other students and she can keep up with her work without having to rush through it.”

-- Amy Polanowski, Math Teacher, Sullivan Middle School, Sullivan, Missouri


“Learning Blade is an incredibly beneficial resource for the times we are teaching in. Learning Blade demonstrates to teachers and students the meaningful and relevant connections between core concepts and CTE pathway options and future career paths. In Learning Blade students see why math and science are important. Learning Blade provides a whole new level of career understanding. Every mission in Learning Blade applies to one of our 25 CTE career pathways.”

-- Dawn Stewart, Director CTE, Rogers Public Schools, Arkansas


“I love using Learning Blade. It has been great for helping my students see real-world connections, with what they are learning in school in STEM, CS, etc. It is great for ALL students no matter what academic level they are.”

-- Lori Lambert, Ed.D, SC, IT Instructor, STEM Academy - Pleasant Hill Middle School, South Carolina

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