Lenovo Windows In Education


The Learning Counsel’s Lunch and Learn program was created as a way for the Learning Counsel to recommend the hardware, programs and services that our schools and districts need most. All of the Lunch and Learn products are hand-selected and certified by the Learning Counsel Research team. In this Lunch and Learn presentation, Megan Corkell and Pao Vargas, Brand Ambassadors for Lenovo USA talk about the constant improvement of the user experience and explore devise usage designed to raise the standard in career and technical education.

With the explosion of device purchases over the past year, it is important for districts to understand their needs and get the best balance of power, features, safety, security, and adaptability. Hardware purchasing is one of the most important technology decisions a district can make, and good advice from your vendor can mean the difference between success and mediocrity.

According to Corkell, “We are seeing in the education space that the hybrid learning environment needs some updating in terms of technology. With this Google Meet kit, there's a small room, medium room and large room. Depending upon how large the classroom is, we can make sure it gets outfitted with the correct equipment from Google. And I just want to show you in a perfect world, what it would look like. So, as you can see here, the teacher is up at the top of the classroom, working off a white board with a camera. The kids that are at home can see that whiteboard, this is very futuristic, but very, very neat stuff that we're doing here. And then they obviously have the kids with their laptops. They also have the console that the teacher is working from, they have speakers. So, this is the ultimate hybrid learning environment, and this is all through Google.”

There is a lot to consider when making the right device purchases. You’ll want to watch this informative Lunch and Learn presentation so you can be up to speed for your own hardware purchasing decisions.


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