Let’s Talk! is a cloud-based administrative communications tool. It helps K-12 school leaders better listen and respond to members of their school community.

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Formats: Web, iOS, Android

What does it help with?

Community engagement and crisis management

What demographic or grade and age range?

Parents, teachers, students, staff, and community members of all ages.

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extra-curricular /professional development or what?

Communications and student/parent voice engagement

What subject, topic does it address?

Let’s Talk! focuses on school communications and community engagement.

What type of monitoring does it demand?

Let’s Talk! is always-on. Because parents, students, and others will contact schools or districts through Let’s Talk!, it requires daily monitoring. A mobile app makes accessing Let’s Talk! possible from anywhere, wherever school leaders and community members are.  

What is the pricing model?

$2.50 per student.

Are there services around it?

The software itself is cloud-based. K12 Insight also provides online survey solutions and communications consulting for deeper listening and analysis. But no additional services are required to use Let’s Talk!.

What makes it unique?

Let’s Talk!, from K12 Insight, is a cloud-based communications solution that empowers school district leaders to manage and respond to social media, identify risks, and build stronger, more productive relationships with parents teachers, students, and staff.

Community members submit feedback—comments, questions, or concerns—through a custom button on the school or district’s website, or via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Intelligent software immediately routes each comment to the appropriate staff member to facilitate a timely response. On the backend, school district leaders have access to a dashboard that tracks the stage and status of each interaction.

Now superintendents and others can easily see who’s engaging their district, know what’s on their mind, and flag issues or potential threats that demand immediate attention. Robust reporting tools, including printable graphs and charts, help district leaders leverage every instance of community feedback to improve customer satisfaction, address critical issues quickly, and make smarter, more informed decisions. Plus, the mobile app enables school leaders to track and respond to community feedback on the go.

More than 150 school districts use Let’s Talk! The ability to track, analyze, and respond to community feedback from a single centralized location limits school leaders’ exposure to risk and equips them to lead the conversation—as opposed to simply reacting to the headlines.


A description of the characteristics—how is it designed for user interface, user experience?  What instructional design principles are at work here?

It is a cloud-based technology, accessible from your website or mobile device. It’s simple, intuitive interface enables community members, including students and parents, to quickly reach out to and engage school leaders on critical issues. School leaders, for their part, can easily respond to stakeholder concerns, using the system’s easy-to-read reporting tools and backend dashboard to track response times, gauge community engagement, and make smarter decisions based on real-time conversation data.


Superintedent review:

Dr. Charles Dupre

Superintendent, Fort Bend ISD, Texas

“I was in my first year as superintendent. When I came in, there was a lot of bad blood in the district. Let’s Talk! helped me restore faith and trust in the local school system. It’s hard to envision my job as superintendent without it.”


For more information visit: http://www.k12insight.com/lets-talk/

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