Linewize Offers No-Cost Student Safety Audits to All U.S. Schools and Districts

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The Fast-Growing EdTech Company Reinforces its Commitment to Student Safety with Complimentary Audits

Linewize, a division of Family Zone (ASX: FZO), a rapidly growing education technology company, announced today that it is offering a no-cost Student Safety Audit for all U.S. schools and districts. With the Audit, schools will gain access to risk profiles and receive recommendations for implementing a holistic student safety program. This initiative further solidifies Linewize as a leader in the EdTech space and demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to keeping students safe at school, home and everywhere in between. 

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is the second highest cause of death among 10 to 34-year-olds. Linewize aims to help school districts analyze the percentages of students who may be at-risk or show early signs of vulnerability. With the Student Safety Audit, Linewize assesses students’ online behavior over a 30-day period and alerts schools of any students who are believed to be in danger.  

The Student Safety Audit is enabled by Linewize Monitor, an advanced student threat detection tool that helps districts spot at-risk students. Linewize Monitor uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a team of highly trained human moderators to alert schools only to students who need attention.  

“An extension of Linewize Monitor, our Student Safety Audit offers vital intelligence that can be used to better inform student safety policies nationwide,” said Ross Young, executive vice president of Linewize. “This initiative is a testament to our commitment to keeping students safe in the digital world and equipping schools with the resources and tools they need to help make this possible.”  

To supplement its monitoring technology, the company also offers Linewize Community – a comprehensive resource designed to help districts educate their parent community on digital safety through a parent app, online safety hub, webinars and more. With an in-house team of psychologists, educators and cyber safety experts, Linewize provides a combination of tools, resources and ongoing education for parents, educators, and students to further advance online safety.  

Linewize serves more than 11 million students globally and is on a rapid growth trajectory, having announced the acquisitions of Cipafilter, Smoothwall and NetRef over the past six months. 


About Linewize: A division of ASX-traded company FamilyZone, Linewize is a K-12 cyber safety management system and an emerging leader in the fast-growing global cyber-safety and EdTech sector. Built by a global team of education experts and former school IT administrators, Linewize’s comprehensive suite of tools and resources is designed to keep kids safe online and address a range of digital learning needs. Founded on the premise that promoting digital wellbeing in students goes beyond a simple content filter, Linewize offers products and resources that enable schools to partner with families in order to protect every child’s digital journey, both in the classroom and at home. For more information, please visit 


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