Los Angeles Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussion

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Educators from across the Southland came together at the Gene Autry Museum of the American West in Glendale, CA for the Learning Counsel Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussion. This day-long event was free professional development for education leaders, administrators and teachers who are in the midst of massive technology shifts. Teaching and learning are changing every day with new devices and students who are expecting interactive technology and tools that will be relevant for them in the workforce. The Learning Counsel travels the country – 30 cities in all – working with educators to help them make the transition with insights of what is working best, where districts have hit challenges and what companies are standing out in helping schools transition. You can join the learning counsel for the next event in your area. All events are FREE to educators: http://thelearningcounsel.com/schedule

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At the Learning Counsel’s Digital Transition Discussion events, there’s a lot to take in. At our one-day events, one of the highlights is the Panel Discussions where area professionals discuss key experiences.