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Rigorous, fun math learning

10storymath is committed to authentic rigor in math teaching and learning:

  • Conceptual understanding
  • Real-world application & modeling
  • Procedural skill & fluency

To achieve these goals, the team designed co-operative math learning activities. In 10storymath, students work in teams, using mathematical objects and tools as they apply their emerging skills during fun, challenging projects and games.

10storymath is committed to the personal and social development of math learners and builds resilience and adaptive problem-solving skills as students have to figure out how to work together on complex problems.


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What grades and/or age ranges can use your product?  

3rd – 6th grades


Does 10storymath address professional development?

Projects create opportunities for professional learning. Coaches, teachers, and administrators can use 10storymath as a resource for exploring new ideas about teaching and learning.



Elementary math


Lesson time needed:

10storymath projects extend over at least 10 hours of instructional time, giving students the chance to engage deeply with new concepts.


Pricing models:

Individual classroom packages, whole school and district options


What makes 10storymath unique? 

Engagement: Fun, live-action problem-solving adventures help students see the relevance of mathematical ideas.

Rigor: Students apply math skills to real-world, concrete problems and build deep conceptual understanding.

Efficiency: With most materials provided, teachers can focus on working with students, not planning.



Every 10storymath™ project includes:

  • Engaging story videos that set out challenges for student teams
  • Tangible, concrete mathematical objects and tools for students to use
  • Small-group, hands-on activities in which students apply skills
  • Tutorial videos that guide students through complicated tasks
  • Student-friendly instructional videos introducing key concepts
  • “3-act task” application videos for teacher-led whole-class discussion of real-world examples
  • Practice sheets to develop fluency in new skills


Here’s what the users are saying:

“The students get super into it, and they’re excited about learning.”

— Justine, 5th Grade Teacher, Houston, TX


“You are learning, but you’re not knowing it. It’s like learning in disguise.”

— Amy, 5th Grade Student, Winfield, IL


“Every morning, the kids are like, are we going to work on the project today?”

— Valentina, 5th Grade Teacher | Houston, TX


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