MATHiaFlex gives every student their own personal digital math coach

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MATHiaFlex is a powerful online tool for educators to better assess student learning in real-time and assign individualized math learning content to students digitally.

Carnegie Learning took the powerful artificial intelligence of MATHia, which gives each student their own personal online math coach, and combined it with a new, flexible educator experience that can supplement any core math curriculum for grades 6-12. Now, math teachers have a quick, data-driven view of each student’s strengths and weaknesses and the flexibility to search and assign content across all middle and high school grade levels by mathematical concept, standard, or keyword – putting each student on their own personalized, adaptive learning path.


Formats/platforms used:



Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

Teachers need to know where students have unfinished learning gaps (especially after school closures due to COVID-19) and be able to easily assign content to remediate those who need it and accelerate those who are ready for more. With MATHiaFlex, teachers now have an easy way to quickly understand where students are and give them exactly what they need based on their individual skill level. Ongoing formative assessment gives them this insight without the need for testing. Students are assessed as they learn!


Grades/age ranges:

Grades 6-12


Core or supplemental?

Supplemental and can be used with ANY core curriculum.



National and state mathematical standards


Lesson time needed:

It is flexible depending on how each district or school wants to use it, but we recommend 60 – 90 minutes of usage per week.


Pricing model:

$22-27 per student per year.


What makes MathiaFlex unique?

  • Gives each student their own personal math coach, delivering digital math learning in a flexible, engaging platform that maximizes every instructional moment.
  • Motivates students through targeted practice, ongoing formative assessment, just-in-time hints, and clear visibility into their own progress.
  • Differentiates learning for students at all levels with a completely personalized experience based on every action they take to solve problems.
  • Identifies student readiness and unfinished learning on particular mathematical concepts with the ReadyCheck assessment feature, allowing teachers to easily assign remediation content to get students back up to grade level.
  • Keeps teachers in control, with flexibility to search and assign content across all middle and high school grade levels by topic, standard, or keyword based on what their students need, as a class or individually. Students are supported no matter what level they’re on.
  • Shows teachers how proficient any class or student is on any given standard, as well as all available math content related to that standard, through the powerful Standards Navigator tool.
  • Saves teachers valuable time, because they no longer need to search for appropriate supplemental materials on their own.
  • Is all about the data, with visual reports and the exclusive, award-winning LiveLab feature, which lets teachers see, in real-time, what students are doing in the software and where they might need help during synchronous learning (whether taking place inside or outside the classroom).
  • Is built from 20+ years of learning research, so you know the content, pedagogy, and ongoing formative assessment will deliver results.




  • Constructive guidance: Unit overviews provide “Why This Matters” videos to connect the math to the real world.  Step-by-step examples then guide students through each step of a sample problem, describing the steps as a teacher might in the classroom. Then, like a human coach, MATHiaFlex re-phrases questions, re-directs the student, and hones in on the parts of the problem that are proving most difficult.
  • Thorough formative assessment: MATHiaFlex doesn’t use tests to measure what a student knows and doesn’t know. It looks at every aspect of the student’s work, throughout the learning process, to better understand where they are and what they’re thinking. MATHiaFlex doesn’t just tell students what they got wrong, it teaches them why they got it wrong.
  • Thoughtful design: MATHiaFlex’s workspaces and problems are designed for learning. Expertise from math master practitioners and cognitive scientists lives throughout MATHiaFlex, ensuring each workspace maximizes learning and collects valuable data on what students know and don’t know.

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